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New Product – HON Ceres Chair!

New Product – HON Ceres Chair!

Check out this hip and extremely comfortable addition to HON’s line of seating…Straight from HON themselves!

Ceres seating began with scientific research on how people sit. The end result is a superior sitting experience-and a stylish, beautiful chair. The aesthetic integrity of form that follows function gives Ceres its clean, purposeful appearance. Its contours and shape exist to support you completely as you move throughout your workday. As a bonus, Ceres also has the aesthetic flexibility to reflect just the right personality for practically any workplace environment…


Ceres offers Complete Control

Seating is personal. At the same time, it’s also universal. That’s why Ceres makes it easy for everyone in the workplace to take control of their own superior sitting experience. Ceres accommodates most workplace applications, and all users from the 5th to 95th percentile. User adjustments are immediately responsive and fully integrated into the seat, putting personalization within easy reach.

Click on the images above to watch the corresponding videos on HON’S Website.

Interested in sitting in a Ceres Chair yourself? Come by our showroom and test it out!

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