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3 Office Design Trends To Boost Employee Satisfaction

3 Office Design Trends To Boost Employee Satisfaction

You want to attract talent to your business, but where do you start? Younger employees generally want a fun work environment and need to feel their job has purpose and meaning. By throwing tradition out the window to create modern workplaces, companies can attract and retain top talent in a generation of restless, mobile workers.

Top Office Design Trends

From Monday to Friday, employees generally spend more time at work than they do at home. To keep them engaged, an efficient workspace should be designed with that fact in mind. When employees are happy to be at work, it shows in their performance. Click To Tweet

1) Go Green

Offices that incorporate nature in their design are shown to reduce stress, promote physical, mental and emotional health, boost energy and creativity, and improve employee performance and job satisfaction. Your customers will instantly notice the difference when they walk into your comfortable, lush office space. Here are some great ways for a modern green space:

  • Rooftop or vertical gardens
  • Natural wall of moss or succulents
  • Large cacti as statement pieces

2) Natural Light

Not surprisingly, research shows that spending your days in windowless, fluorescent-lit, poorly ventilated, noisy, stressful work environments is detrimental to your health. Not only that, but it creates an unwelcoming office space that no one wants to be in. Natural light is easy on the eyes, boosts mood and can improve productivity.

  • Glass panels in office walls to allow for unimpeded sunlight
  • Skylights
  • Mirrored surfaces to reflect more light

3) Emphasis on Comfort

The popularity of modern furnishings and design has confused some business owners, who equate “modern” with “cold”. Modern design is full of clean lines and little clutter, but it’s welcoming, comfortable and warm.

  • Lots of natural wood grain for warmth
  • Invest in high-quality task and desk chairs
  • Add armchairs of various sizes so there’s something for everyone

A Welcoming Workplace

A corporate workplace that’s warm and inviting will create an environment that employees are happy to spend time in. Moving into a new office? Make it modern, comfortable and functional. 

Contact Us to learn more about office design trends your employees will love, or to speak with a project manager to guide you through the process from space planning to furniture delivery.

Ready to Start a Business? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Succeed!

Ready to Start a Business? Here are 5 Tips to Help You Succeed!

On average, about 30% of new businesses fail in their first 2 years. As a new business owner, or someone planning to open a startup, you’ve probably heard the scary statistics but pursued your dream anyway. You’ve passed the first test! What the statistics don’t tell you is why new businesses fail. Most often it’s due to a poor concept, lack of a researched business plan, undercapitalization, insufficient marketing efforts, and changing market economics. Knowing the reasons most businesses fail can give you insight into what not to do. Click To Tweet

Tips to Help You Start a Business 

So how do new businesses succeed? Occasionally it’s pure luck and good timing, but more often than not it’s a solid business plan, developed brand, welcoming office space and a great product or service.  Check out our 5 tips for a successful new business:

  1. Create a Solid Business Plan
  2. Develop a Brand
  3. Take Your Brand Online
  4. Get The Right Office
  5. Design an Efficient Workplace

1) Create a Solid Business Plan

A solid business plan should be your blueprint for a successful business. It should flesh out a basic plan, develop marketing and sales strategies, create the foundation for operations, and hopefully convince a lender or investor to jump on board.

2) Develop a Brand

Your brand goes beyond your business name, encompassing every aspect of your business. This includes company culture, logo and colors, aesthetic, online image, and work ethic. It’s critical that once you brand your business you remain consistent.

3) Take Your Brand Online

Nearly everyone in the world is online today. Consumers access and search the Internet for services and sellers, and rely on online reviews to guide them. Creating a legitimate online presence is crucial to the success of your business.

4) Get The Right Office

If you need a physical office space, make sure that the location and layout is ideal for you and your employees. If you have a high traffic business it should be in a convenient area with plenty of parking, a clean and modern waiting area, and appealing decor and office furnishings.

5) Design an Efficient Workplace

Starting up a business can be more than a little intimidating, which is probably why many entrepreneurs tend to put off spending time or money on a modern office design. However, a key component to attracting top talent (and more customers) is an impressive office space.

Put Customers First

Even the best-laid plans will fail if you put your business or image first. That leaves out the most important part of the equation: The customers! Whether you’re opening a dental office or retail space, you must have a clean, modern facility, knowledgeable staff and a product or service that sets your business apart. Keep your customers happy and success will follow.

Contact Us to learn more about furnishing your startup or giving your existing office an overhaul!

5 Classroom Furnishing Solutions For a Kid-Friendly Space

5 Classroom Furnishing Solutions For a Kid-Friendly Space

When you think of a classroom, what comes to mind? Most people imagine a large chalkboard on the front wall, and rows of combo desks with attached chairs. Cold, hard plastic in muted tones, with zero personality. Not exactly conducive to higher learning. Luckily, gone are the days of bland, cold classrooms. Today’s classroom furnishings are versatile, comfortable and bright. Click To Tweet

Classroom Furnishings to Enhance Education

Whether you’re in middle school or college, classrooms have increasingly embraced technology, comfort, and collaboration. As a result, furniture solutions are easy to reconfigure without disrupting the learning process. Here are 5 solutions to create a space that’s conducive to learning:

  1. Embrace Technology
  2. Versatile Desks
  3. Smart Storage
  4. Comfortable Seating
  5. Foster Collaboration

1) Embrace Technology

Rapidly evolving technology has dramatically transformed the way students learn. Learning occurs outside the normal boundaries of a school building through tablet devices and even smartphones. As teaching adapts, classrooms must as well. Enhanced connectivity allows students to multitask without getting up from their desk.

2) Versatile Desks

Mobility is a crucial feature for classroom furniture in a collaborative learning environment. Consider casters or sliders for desks and tables. Without them, moving desks is a struggle for small students, and reconfiguring classrooms becomes a much larger job.

3) Smart Storage

Students bring backpacks, books, and laptops into the classroom, while teachers need somewhere to store teaching materials. This means that there should be smart storage solutions to meet both needs. Under the desk storage racks or bag hooks, locked cabinets and other options will help eliminate classroom clutter.

4) Comfortable Seating

From classrooms, library and media centers to dining halls and administrative offices, seating plays a huge role in education. Comfortable seating can eliminate distractions and allow students to focus.

5) Modern Style

Modern style has made its way into the classroom, with bright colors, clean lines, and a happy balance of form and function. Students that are in a space that’s clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing will be able to better focus on learning.

Inspire Education

Alternatives to the traditional classroom with its rows of individual desks abound and are sure to inspire educators. In addition to modern convenience, classroom furnishings must be durable and made to last.

Contact Us to get started designing and furnishing a state of the art classroom.

Crucial Design Tips for Creating a Patient-Focused Healthcare Facility

Crucial Design Tips for Creating a Patient-Focused Healthcare Facility

When you walk into your doctor’s office are you greeted by a cheerful interior design? More and more medical facilities are opting for cleaner, welcoming environments with the help of modern furnishings, interesting textures, and thoughtful artwork. Your healthcare facility furnishings should make patients feel calm, confident and comfortable. Click To Tweet

Patient-Focused Healthcare Design

Healthcare facility design today goes well beyond aesthetics, particularly when it comes to healthcare. The cold, sterile designs of the past no longer cut it. Patients expect and deserve a modern, comfortable environment from the waiting area to the exam room.

Make it Comfortable

Chairs and couches should be muted in color and varied in height and width. Soft or neutral colors are best, without busy patterns or designs.  The arms of the chairs are important because they make it easier for people to get in and out of their seat, while the variance in height makes the space comfortable for people of all sizes.

Emphasize Privacy

Elements of seating and spacing are fundamental characteristics of a health clinic. It’s important to provide areas where families can sit together and talk, but also have chairs and couches for people who prefer a private setting. Be sure to place all chairs and sofas a good distance from the reception desk to protect each patient’s privacy.

Easy to Clean

The comfort and safety of patients should be a top priority when it comes to designing your healthcare facility. Materials used should be easy to maintain and keep clean. Because many patients have compromised immune systems when they visit a medical center, cleanliness is key.

A Clear Traffic Path

When patients walk in it should be very apparent which way they should go first. There should be easy access around the facility for those walking and in wheelchairs.

Keep It Convenient

Providing your patients with modern conveniences such as WiFi, charging stations and entertainment will significantly improve their experience.

A Positive Experience

By focusing energy and attention on the design of your healthcare facility, you can create a more positive patient experience and raise the morale of employees. A positive impression goes a long way in regards to a satisfactory overall experience.

Contact Us to learn more about furnishing your healthcare facility with the patients in mind.

3 Tips For Furnishing an Office Everyone Will Love

3 Tips For Furnishing an Office Everyone Will Love

Designing and furnishing an office can be a challenge, especially if you’ve never done it before. Collaborative workspaces can be great for many office settings, but providing a balance of collaboration and quiet is crucial for your team. The design of your workspace is a big investment for any organization and can affect a number of business outcomes. Click To Tweet

Furnishing an Office

Smart companies understand that workspaces are a necessary and valuable business tool. An office environment reflects a business’s brand and core values through the placement of different design elements. Here are 3 tips to design and furnish an ideal workspace:

1) Use a Professional

Maximize functionality and efficiency in your workspace with an office design and space planning team of professionals. Tell them about the look you’re hoping to achieve and they will help you select the right furniture to create the desired space for your business. From the initial planning stage to delivery and installation, a professional will help you manage the entire process.

2) Utilize Flexible Solutions

Flexibility is crucial to the success of an office. A good, comfortable task chair can make a big impact, and tables in meeting spaces that offer data and electric connections make the space far more adaptable. Make sure your design can adapt to innovations in technology so that it will last longer without becoming obsolete.

3) Modernize

Traditional office spaces that can’t be adapted to the modern workplace are a thing of the past. These outdated offices don’t create an atmosphere conducive to collaboration or creativity. 

Embrace Technology

Failing to embrace technology can threaten innovation, and can put your business in danger. By investing in smart technology, you’re investing in the future of your brand. Many modern office furniture pieces provide valuable integration with tech tools that can give your business an edge.

Listen to Your Team

Given the many ways you could design and plan a space, you should approach it in a strategic way. Imitating the latest fads won’t always get you the results your company desires. Asking the right questions and listening to employee responses will.

Contact Us to learn more about designing and furnishing a modern workspace.

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