4 Office Design Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

4 Office Design Tips to Improve the Employee Experience, WorkSpace Resource, Houston, TX.

Employee satisfaction is directly correlated with office design. If an office is boring, plain and stuffy, chances are you’ll be attracting employees that are boring, plain and stuffy. The open-minded Millennial generation is looking for office design that feels comfortable and fosters creativity and collaboration.

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Office Design to Enhance the Employee Experience

Having an office design that attracts top talent doesn’t mean you need a bar, a hair salon and a bowling alley in your office. On the contrary, it just means making your workspace bright, positive and comfortable. People are spending more than half of their time at work, so it’s critical to have a positive work environment. The following four design tips will enhance the employee experience:

  1. Incorporate Nature
  2. Encourage Collaboration
  3. Comfortable Seating
  4. Effective Technology

1) Incorporate Nature

Bring nature inside to increase employee productivity and workplace satisfaction. Add some houseplants and succulents to your office design to produce more oxygen in your workplace which will, in turn, improve moods and productivity. Another option is to open windows, or if you don’t have any windows, hang beautiful images of serene nature and incorporate design elements made from natural materials.

2) Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration is becoming more and more important to employees. Consider opening your office layout so that employees can see each other and communicate more effectively. Millennials may prefer coworking, while some Baby Boomers prefer working privately.

Pro Tip: To improve the employee office experience, consider taking a survey among employees and designing your workspace accordingly.

3) Comfortable Seating

It’s hard to focus and be happy when you’re uncomfortable. Simply including comfortable seating in the office can substantially increase employee satisfaction.

4) Effective Technology

Having technology that works effectively in this fast-paced tech era is critical to enhancing the employee experience. It’s hard to be productive when the work computer is constantly lagging or crashing. The office work area must include up-to-date technology to maximize efficiency.

Happy Office, Happy Employees

Creating an interior design revolved around employees will improve employee satisfaction which will result in maximum productivity and an all-around positive work atmosphere.

How does your office design affect your work experience? Join the conversation and let us know how your office atmosphere hinders or fosters your creativity.

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