WorkSpace Resource cares deeply about the well being and safety of our clients, employees and friends. In accordance with the CDC and government guidance, we are currently working under modified operations. Our employees are fully equipped to with the technology and tools to work from home and assist with all of our normal services. We are still here for you!

In 2018, over 3 decades after the introduction of the personal computer into American workplaces, the majority of employees are still confined to their desk, tied up by power cords, phone cords, and USB cables.

It’s time to break free!

Office furniture has finally caught up with technology, becoming more compatible with the mobility and flexibility that modern-day employees need.

Furniture designers like EKO Contract Furniture are designing spaces to enhance the employee experience and boost productivity. Employees can now seek quiet, distraction-free spaces to help meet deadlines. Lengthy conference calls are a thing of the past thanks to high tech collaborative spaces that encourage efficient sharing. Get creative in comfy lounge areas where you can plug in your laptop and smartphone.

Has your office technology finally outgrown your furniture needs? We can help. Contact WorkSpace Resource to speak with a design consultant and get a quote!

WorkSpace Resource is your source for the highest quality new and used office furniture with professional service that will help you find the perfect combination for your office space. Offering a full line of office furniture, including chairs, tables, desks, cubicles, and storage systems, we can provide an endless number of possibilities for any budget to help you transform your workspace into a reflection of your vision. Call us today to start the design process!


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