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We make it easy for companies to get the furniture & design you love.

In 2004, Our Founder & CEO James Strole Wanted To Make It Easy To Have An Office That Empowered Employees.

Because each office has its own unique challenges, it can be overwhelming to figure out precisely what furniture works for your space and cultural needs.

James Strole

In 2004, James noticed there was something missing with the service and products being delivered in the furniture industry. He wanted corporate interiors to empower businesses to love the space they work in. He began Workspace Resource as a way of passionately filling that vision.

He has now been in the industry for over 25 years and is excited by the way Workspace Resource is leading the industry with quality products that improve the culture of a company. His dream is for the projects we furnish to inspire companies of all sizes to be more aware of the impact furniture makes on company morale, productivity, and collaboration.

James is a proud father of five, and when not in the office, he is most likely traveling abroad, staying active with activities such as Crossfit, playing golf, or watching the Astros play. He also considered himself a foodie, and if given only one meal to eat the rest of his life, it would be steak and potatoes.

A Better Office Furniture Company.

We know how frustrating it is to:
• Sort through seemingly endless catalogs of furniture
• Research different types of furniture available
• Get stuck with cheap furniture
• Figure out how to design the layout of your furniture
• Try to manage your everyday duties with this new project
• Not be able to give your employees a workspace they love

If you’re like most leaders we see, you’re tired of wasting time and money trying to get the best furniture your space and staff need. You’ve likely wondered if there was a less complicated way to get it done. We know you’re already juggling so many things and believe you shouldn’t have to be burdened by this project too.

At Workspace Resource, we get it!

We know how important it is to have a well-functioning and aesthetically pleasing office space, which is why for over 15 years, we’ve made it easy for companies to get the furniture & design
they love.

Love The Space You Work In

Design Your Office