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Client Goal

Utilize Existing Resources Wisely

Solution: Inventory Existing Furniture To Find Out What Gaps Need To Be Filled

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Client Goal

Source Missing Furniture Specific To The Needs Of The Business

Solution: Purchase New Furniture That Blends In Seamlessly With Existing Furniture

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Client Goal

Create A Cohesive And Harmonious Workspace

Solution: Source Ergonomically-Correct Furniture Including Height-Adjustable Desks

About The Project

In fewer than three decades, Indorama has established itself as a leading intermediate petrochemical company on a global scale. As part of their expansion efforts, they recently took over an existing lease for an already-furnished office space in The Woodlands. Gensler was enlisted to put together an architectural plan that would update the building layout for the client’s needs. Gallant Construction oversaw the subsequent build-out.

Our role on this project was largely inventory management. Indorama made an economical and eco-friendly choice to use the existing furniture in the office in a way that addressed their needs. We started by compiling a list of all the furniture that the client had available to them, and then put together a furniture layout for their new floorplan that utilized the existing pieces to their best potential. From there, we were able to work with the client to ascertain which furniture pieces they still needed to complete their workspace.

The Indorama office space includes some private offices and conference rooms, as well as a large open-plan area. Plentiful windows around the perimeter of the building let in ample natural light and create a bright and airy work environment.

The existing furniture in the space was from OFS, a family-owned company that places an emphasis on simple and purposeful design. Much of the OFS furniture on hand went into meeting rooms. Additionally, their bistro chairs feature prominently throughout the space, including serving as guest chairs in private offices. These low-profile guest chairs have a fresh and modern sensibility, but the blonde maple finish also gives them a warm and inviting feel.

Because the client was budget-conscious, we turned to AIS to fill in some of the missing pieces. AIS is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture, and they offer furniture pieces that are cost-effective without sacrificing style. Their customizable Calibrate series of desks and storage solutions share the clean lines of the OFS furniture, and thanks to their wide range of finishes we were able to easily blend this furniture with the existing chairs.

We also turned to AIS for the open-plan workstation area. Indorama wanted to ensure that workstations throughout the office were adaptable. The AIS Matrix series of furniture offers incredible flexibility at an affordable price and it is interchangeable with products in the Calibrate series. The height-adjustable desks are ergonomically friendly, and the panel-based walls surrounding each workstation are high enough to offer privacy without compromising the open feel.

Ultimately, there is a real sense of cohesion when you stand back and look at the final product. The decorative accents from both OFS and AIS coexist congruously side by side in perfect balance, while wall-mounted glass boards by Fulbright bring additional functionality.

Setting up a new office space poses certain logistical challenges. If you’re seeking to augment existing furnishings in your workspace and maximizing functionality, contact us today. We can evaluate what you have on hand and see which needs you still need to meet and source the perfect missing pieces for your price point and decor style.



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