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About The Project

Our client, Pyramid Tubular, had a hands-on approach to building and designing their new office space. They worked closely with us and our other project partners while selecting everything from building finishes to office furniture. We met up with the client in the MDI Resources showroom to see several furniture lines in person. This experience empowered the client to make informed decisions as they sought out furnishings with the ideal balance of comfort and style.

The Pyramid Tubular office project is comprised of several discrete spaces, so we needed to select furniture and design layouts for an array of environments. We’ll delve a little deeper into our design solutions one area at a time:

Reception Area

Pyramid Tubular incorporates a deep blue color in its logo, and they wanted to pay tribute to their branding by utilizing the same shade of blue throughout the office space. The reception area showcases striking contemporary lounge chairs from the Martin Brattrud One Collection grouped around a Martin Brattud Lutta table. The blue really pops against the three-dimensional textured white walls.

Exterior Private Offices

There are two different styles of private offices in the Pyramid Tubular building. The first style, which we will refer to as the exterior offices, feature floor-to-ceiling windows along the back wall. The OFS Staks series anchoring the private offices incorporates an understated two-tone color scheme, pairing a white L-shaped desk with storage elements done in a light wood laminate finish. Two-tone color schemes often create a striking visual statement by featuring two contrasting colors, but this more subtle take gives the offices a fresh and modern vibe.

The standout design feature in the exterior offices is actually the natural light that comes in through the wall of windows, and this layout was designed to maximize its effect. The large laminate work wall features airy open shelving instead of cabinets and is staged against a side wall so the windows can remain unobscured. A credenza and open bookcase provide additional storage options.

While the private offices feature mostly light colors, the Encore Lucent guest chairs introduce the client’s signature blue color into each room. You can also see blue threads woven into the carpet, which was an intentional design choice meant to create cohesion.

Interior Private Offices

The most significant difference between the interior private offices and the exterior offices is the windows - or, more specifically, the lack thereof. In the exterior offices, the windows positioned behind the desk served as a decorative feature. We created a strong visual anchor behind the desk in the interior offices by staging the work wall, credenza, and open bookshelf together.

Desks in the private offices are equipped with power management features that allow computers and other electronic items to be plugged directly into the desk. A modesty panel across the front hides away unsightly cords and camouflages the mechanisms that raise and lower the desk. Features like these improve functionality and enhance the style of the space.

Even though the interior and exterior offices have different layouts, they all feature the same furniture pieces in the same finishes. This adds a sense of consistency and cohesion as you travel through different work areas.

Conference Room

The most challenging aspect when it comes to designing conference rooms is often ensuring there is ample seating. Many conference room tables are overwhelmingly large in order to accommodate more chairs.

For this client, we installed Martin Brattrud K-2 Banquette Seating spanning across the wall of windows because they can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of the workspace. Banquettes make for ideal overflow seating and provide a discreet place for employees to sit and observe a meeting if they’re not actively participating. The Encore Faction conference chairs’ daring contemporary profile contrasts nicely with the banquettes’ simple lines, making the room feel more dynamic.

Break Room

At many companies, break rooms will feature multiple tables so employees can gather in smaller groups. Because this client values a collaborative environment, the break room features a solid row of tables at the room’s center. This layout fosters a sense of community and also provides the perfect gathering place for employee potluck gatherings.

Because the break room is bright white and full of light, we chose a black finish for OFS Intermix Bar Height Tables to ground the space. The Encore Chirp Barstools provide a pop of color with the client’s signature shade of blue.

Huddle Areas

In addition to dedicated offices and a formal conference room, this project incorporates small gathering spots referred to as huddle areas. These versatile meeting spaces can be used for anything from a quick touch-down meeting to a collaborative work session. They can even be utilized as quiet work areas for employees who might want a temporary change of scenery from their usual workspace.

The huddle areas feature the same OFS Intermix tables used in the break room in a different finish, subtly weaving continuity through the office. These tables are equipped with power sources, giving employees easy access to plug in their laptops or any other technology they may need for a meeting. This gives these already flexible work areas an impressive level of functionality and ease.



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