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Room Types

Enclosed & Private Office
Conference & Meeting
Open Workspace
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Client Goal

Create a space that matches the Ledge Lounger brand and culture.

We updated the space to focus on clean lines. Given that Ledge Lounger designs furniture, they had a keen eye for design. To meet this goal, we worked directly with the designer that was helping with their buildout. This resulted in a comprehensive and cohesive look.

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Client Goal

Avoid Traditional Workstations

Boxy cubicles didn't fit with the Ledge Lounger culture or design aesthetic. To keep the open feeling, we had to be creative in designing the layout. We built a creative layout where meeting spaces were in the middle of several workstations. This created more open space and minimized anything that would block the line of sight, all without impacting the functionality of the office.

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Client Goal

Provide Several Solutions

As mentioned, Ledge Lounger was a client with an eye for furniture design. To meet their needs, we met the client at the manufacturer's showroom. This allowed Ledge Lounger to see and feel all of the furniture in person.

About The Project

Ledge Lounger is a furniture company that specializes in in-water and pool furniture. They needed services to help update their space to stay true to their brand and culture. 

This job was bound to be especially challenging as these clients have a keen eye for design.

Requirements of the Design

Water reflects tranquility. So, it came as no surprise that Ledge Lounger wanted their space to radiate the feeling. The goal was to create a calming, uncluttered, and functional area. They wanted their space to have a clean aesthetic. Giving the feel a spacious vibe was one of the key requirements as they wanted to accommodate a large number of employees without making the space feel cramped. They were not fans of conventional workstations either.

How Workspace Resource Resolved It

We had the opportunity to work directly with Ledge Lounger on this wonderful project. They had their own designer to help with the buildout. MDI was our partner in the project.

We began by layering designs onto their floorplan and presented them with three options manageable within three types of budgets: good, better, and best. Then, we went ahead to narrow down the selection right in the manufacturer’s showroom - to see the products and get a feel for them in person.

Accommodating the employees while maintaining the clean aesthetic and leaving the space spacious was a creative challenge. We worked our way towards a layout that featured meeting tables in the center with workstations around them, minimizing any obstructions to sight. The offices were upgraded to a modern, minimalist, simple look. The workspace was designed to subtly reflect the aquatic concepts of the brand.     

The project remains one of our favorites.  



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