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Room Types

Conference & Meeting
Enclosed & Private Office
Open Workspace
Reception & Waiting
Client Goal

Match the look and feel of the New York office.

Glenfarne wanted their new Woodlands location to maintain the look and feel of their New York City office. To help understand the design, we met via Zoom to understand the aesthetic and goals for the new space. Once we had a few design ideas, we met with their international executive team to present options, gather feedback, and make adjustments.

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Client Goal

Utilize the existing furniture.

Glenfarne already had a large amount of furniture in the space. While they wanted the design to mirror that of their New York office, they also wanted to utilize as much of the existing furniture as possible. We invited Glenfarne down to our showroom to review finishes that would complement the furniture and match their design aesthetic.

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Client Goal

Provide height adjustable solutions for employees.

To help make a great environment for employees, Glenfarne wanted to make sure that every workstation was height adjustable. We used the Powerbeam height adjustable desk for this design; the clean contemporary look and practical wire management not only looked great but were more cost-effective than standard panel-based workstations.

About The Project

Understanding the requirements of Glenfarne, their broker partners, NEWCOR Commercial RE, introduced them to us at Workspace Resource. We took to the challenge right away.

We worked with the design firm Inventure to devise a plan that reflected Glenfarne’s goals and finalize it. Glenframe’s team was invited to our showroom to choose the finishes they thought reflected their space more. 

A lot of the private office furniture that was already in the space was reallocated and reconfigured to manage the budget smartly. We incorporated clean, contemporary furniture like the Power Beam height adjustable desk with smart wire management for practical, cost-effective workstations.

Spacious, Functional Areas

We put together meeting rooms of varying capacities which hosted both preexisting and new furniture. Setting these up in naturally bright areas ensured that no meeting space would ever feel cramped. 

A singular, large meeting space within the office could seat up to around twenty people. Set in an area with a view of the sky on two sides, it could host a number of people while retaining its spacious feel.

Using Light and Color Harmoniously

The central meeting space was complemented with focus rooms for smaller meetings. All the light neutral tones and minimal arrangements set in perfectly lit spaces let every meeting area feel commodious.

Collaboration-Enabling Workspaces

The office space was designed to enable collaborative work. Instead of closed-up cubicles, height-adjustable benching stations dominated the space. Plenty of vertical space was left open, letting the work areas be airy. 

With its facilitation of communication and features assisting adjustability, this space guaranteed comfort and satisfaction to the employees working within.

The Tech Lounge

The tech lounge took the spotlight all to itself. Its warm neutral tones and comfortable, neat lounging furniture were created to feel welcoming to clients whereas the monitors gave it a work-specific touch. The end result was a spacious, multifaceted area capable of being reconfigured to accommodate a multitude of events or meetings while staying cohesive with the rest of the office space.



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