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3 Office Design Tips for Coworking Spaces

3 Office Design Tips for Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular as many young people are becoming their own bosses. Technology is dominating the work field which means people are oftentimes working from their laptops at home. Coworking spaces are perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need a change of scenery. If you’re designing a coworking space, here are three design tips to attract people with various workspace needs. Click To Tweet

How Can You Design the Perfect Coworking Space?

When planning the design for a coworking space, your customers are key. Think about who will be using this space and what their needs are. Below are three of the best tips to make your coworking space attractive and functional:

  1. Storage Solutions3 office design tips
  2. Vibrant Workspaces
  3. Lighten the Mood

1) Storage Solutions

Storage is a vital part of your shared workspace design. While some people may have all they need on their laptops, others will need storage space. You can include public bookcases or pedestals for your members.

Pro Tip:  It could be beneficial to include locked storage in your office space for a small upcharge.

2) Vibrant Workspaces

Typically, the people who are looking for coworking spaces are tired of working from home or in their local coffee shop. The demographic your appealing to are usually highly creative individuals that are looking for a brighter work area where they can connect to others. You’ll want to make the entire place feel vibrant with open floor plans and bright colors. Avoid dark and dreary decor.

3) Lighten the Mood

Depending on your working space, you may need to incorporate additional lighting. If you have an office or two that has windows, you could charge more for those spaces. However, it can be problematic if other work areas are lacking in the lighting department. Quality lighting can change the entire mood of a room- that’s why it’s a critical investment for your shared office space design.

Collaborative Coworking

It’s key to remember your audience to plan the perfect coworking space. Collaboration and creativity go hand-and-hand for shared workspaces.

Are you planning the design of a coworking space? Contact us to find out how our design planning and office furniture can benefit you.

5 Efficient Design Ideas for a Shared Office Space

5 Efficient Design Ideas for a Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces are typically used by freelancers and creatives. They’re ideal for coworking and exchanging ideas. If you’re planning a combined office design, it’s important to make the best use of your work area.

How Can You Plan a Stunning Shared Office Space?

The affordability of combined workspaces is what draws many young professionals to them. Therefore, when planning your workspace design, it’s essential to keep the wants of your prospective clients in mind. If you’re tasked with the design plot of shared office space, here are 5 thoughtful recommendations for functioning coworking spaces. Click To Tweet

  1. Various Work Stations
  2. Face-to-Face Floor Plans
  3. Glass Walls
  4. Sunlight & Succulents
  5. Bursts of Color

1) Various Work Stations

While some people enjoy working alone, many people prefer to work in a group setting. It’s necessary to have plenty of options for employees. Switch up the seating– have couches and side tables in one room, and conference tables and task chairs in another.

Pro Tip: Consider including standing workspaces, because some people concentrate better while standing up.

2) Face-to-Face Floor Plans

Face-to-face communication is needed for many modern professionals. Teamwork is becoming a fundamental practice among many industries. Conference rooms should include large tables where colleagues can brainstorm and collaborate efficiently.

3) Glass Walls

Glass walls will make smaller spaces look and feel more open. The thin walls provide a sleek, classic look. They can transform a stuffy, dark office into a light and breathable space.

4) Sunlight & Succulents

Sunlight and nature can significantly boost moods and workplace satisfaction. Place houseplants in common areas and utilize stone and wood elements. If your office has any outdoor space, add chairs and tables so employees can eat lunch outside or take a walk outdoors when they need a break.

5) Bursts of Color

Don’t be afraid of color in your office design. Bright colors look attractive while lightening the mood. Just be sure to incorporate bright reds, yellows, and blues sparingly as accents because they can clash and feel distracting when they’re used too frequently.

A Modern Office Experience

Shared office spaces are on the rise as tech-dominated industries are changing the way we work. Offices and meeting rooms that are made for the free exchange of thoughts are becoming popular among upcoming entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and designers.

Would you like to plan your shared office space? Join the conversation to speak with our team about our professional design planning services.

How to Decorate an Office With No Windows

How to Decorate an Office With No Windows

Many workspaces are lacking windows. Spending time in nature or even just opening a window is proven to reduce stress levels while improving moods. Therefore it can be difficult to make a windowless room feel fresh and stress-free. Many office spaces have no windows. If you're in charge of designing an office space with no windows, here are 3 tips to make your office feel open and vibrant. Click To Tweet

How do You Decorate an Office with No Windows?

Fortunately, there are ways to style an office to make it feel like it has windows, even when there are none. If your office feels bland and disconnected from nature, don’t worry.  Here’s how to decorate an office with no windows:

  1. Wall Art is Your Best Friend
  2. Integrate Natural Elements
  3. Quality Lighting

1) Wall Art is Your Best Friend

Just because you can’t see nature through a window, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend. Find portraits of serene settings and peaceful terrains. Create a focal point of beautiful outdoor landscapes throughout the office. Besides nature art, consider adding large mirrors in common spaces to open up a small space.

Pro Tip: Find one-of-a-kind wall art at local farmers markets and vintage shops for a windowless office rather than purchasing a mass-produced framed image.

2) Integrate Natural Elements

Natural design elements are becoming quite favorable among interior design. Just because there are no windows, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature inside. Incorporate greens, greys, and browns into your design scheme. Use natural elements such as stone and quartz crystals as office accessories. It could also be a good idea to put fake plants on visible shelves throughout the workspace.

3) Quality Lighting

Natural light is, of course, a preferred method for a nature-themed space. However, artificial lighting has become so advanced that it can almost trick you into thinking you have a window open. Consider adopting additional lighting such as pink Himalayan salt lamps. They’re proven to reduce stress and tensions while adding a calming aurora to any room.

A Natural Workspace

Even if your office doesn’t have windows, you can still give the illusion that you’re surrounded by the natural world.

Are you trying to find ways to decorate an office with no windows? Join the conversation to speak with our team about our office design solutions.

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Best Office Design for a Startup

Best Office Design for a Startup

Being part of a startup business is exciting, fast-paced, and incredibly rewarding. These companies are in the infancy stage and need constant attention and dedication to help them mature and grow. The startup culture is all about working together to build a successful brand from the ground up.

How to Choose the Best Office Design for a Startup

Your office is like a second home, especially if you’re working at a startup. You will more than likely have to work over 40 hours a week. So, you will need a comfortable, homey space to work from. Here are 5 tips to choose the best office layout for a startup company. Click To Tweet

  1. Casual Conference Rooms
  2. Keep Core Values at the Center of Design
  3. Modern Break Room Aesthetics
  4. Rent Furniture to Skip the Commitment
  5. Cut the Clutter

1) Casual Conference Rooms

The startup office culture is all about collaboration and communication. Casual meeting rooms with relaxed seating will set the stage for productive teamwork. This is an essential component of a productive office environment.

2) Keep Core Values at the Center of Design

Whatever your company’s core values are, use them as a key factor in your office design. Hang up inspiring quotes, relevant to your values in common areas. Design your reception area to feel inviting and inclusive.  

3) Modern Break Room Aesthetics

Work-life balance is incredibly important to many employees today. Invest in a ping pong table or a dart board and bean bag chairs so that staff have a relaxing space when they need to take a breather. Consider a color palette that incorporates bright colors into your interior design to make the break room feel like it’s separate from the office spaces.

4) Rent Furniture to Skip the Commitment

Startups are bound to improve and advance- rather quickly, too. Certainly, selected furniture will change as your company grows. Rent the desks and chairs, so that as your company expands and advances, you won’t be stuck with old furniture.

5) Cut the Clutter

Typically, startup companies are dealing with smaller workspaces. It’s essential to clean the clutter and have an open space. This is ideal because employees work better in an office that fosters free thinking and creativity.

Pro Tip: Keep the office tidy and clients will be impressed by your clear space when they come in for business meetings.

The Startup Vibe

Startup companies can be some of the best places to work for. It’s amazing to help a brand grow from the ground up. The best part is when you get to see your hard work manifest into a booming, profitable business.

Are you working for a startup company and feel like the office needs a better design? Contact us today to find out how our design team can make that dream a reality.

4 Office Design Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

4 Office Design Tips to Improve the Employee Experience

Employee satisfaction is directly correlated with office design. If an office is boring, plain and stuffy, chances are you’ll be attracting employees that are boring, plain and stuffy. The open-minded Millennial generation is looking for office design that feels comfortable and fosters creativity and collaboration.

Check out these office design tips to attract top talent and improve the employee experience at work. Click To Tweet

Office Design to Enhance the Employee Experience

Having an office design that attracts top talent doesn’t mean you need a bar, a hair salon and a bowling alley in your office. On the contrary, it just means making your workspace bright, positive and comfortable. People are spending more than half of their time at work, so it’s critical to have a positive work environment. The following four design tips will enhance the employee experience:

  1. Incorporate Nature
  2. Encourage Collaboration
  3. Comfortable Seating
  4. Effective Technology

1) Incorporate Nature

Bring nature inside to increase employee productivity and workplace satisfaction. Add some houseplants and succulents to your office design to produce more oxygen in your workplace which will, in turn, improve moods and productivity. Another option is to open windows, or if you don’t have any windows, hang beautiful images of serene nature and incorporate design elements made from natural materials.

2) Encourage Collaboration

Collaboration is becoming more and more important to employees. Consider opening your office layout so that employees can see each other and communicate more effectively. Millennials may prefer coworking, while some Baby Boomers prefer working privately.

Pro Tip: To improve the employee office experience, consider taking a survey among employees and designing your workspace accordingly.

3) Comfortable Seating

It’s hard to focus and be happy when you’re uncomfortable. Simply including comfortable seating in the office can substantially increase employee satisfaction.

4) Effective Technology

Having technology that works effectively in this fast-paced tech era is critical to enhancing the employee experience. It’s hard to be productive when the work computer is constantly lagging or crashing. The office work area must include up-to-date technology to maximize efficiency.

Happy Office, Happy Employees

Creating an interior design revolved around employees will improve employee satisfaction which will result in maximum productivity and an all-around positive work atmosphere.

How does your office design affect your work experience? Join the conversation and let us know how your office atmosphere hinders or fosters your creativity.

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