Custom Design

If your office has unique challenges, or you have a specific vision that requires a more tailored approach, a Custom Design can deliver just what you need.

Brands you can Customize
executive meeting space with big wooden conference room table

Custom Boardroom Table

If standard configurations don't fit your meeting space or you would like something more imaginative, a custom boardroom table is a great solution!


Custom Reception

Reception 1.7

Imagine what kind of first impression you can make with a custom reception creation. From something hip and edgy to a softer more traditional feel, the options are limitless for your office space's entrance.

Custom Desking

Sometimes an office needs more than a traditional desk. Whether it's a necessity because of the space itself or simply a desire for something different, a custom desk can help you love your workspace.


Customization allows for extreme flexibility with materials, colors, shapes, and functions. The choice is yours. You're sure to get exactly what you want and need.

Custom Acoustic Technology & Design

With custom designs for your acoustic and technology needs, you can have fun with the esthetics while making sure your office can function at its prime.

The covert solutions offered by custom designs will delight guests and employees much more than standard options that don't blend in with your decor.

Custom Glass Boards, Logo Walls & Projection Screens


When you need something functional like a glass board or screen that also needs to serve as decor, you're going to love what's possible with custom boards, walls and screens.

Custom Conference Table

Perhaps you have a rather large team, or you simply want to spark more creativity? A standard conference table just won't work.

Opting for a custom-designed conference table can accommodate your entire team and ignite your team's imagination.

High Performance Ceiling Acoustics

Having good acoustics in your office is so important for privacy, performance, and comfort. Custom acoustic ceilings are the best way to control sound and still be stylish.


Custom lighting can be incorporated into the acoustic ceilings to seamlessly provide both the lighting and auditory effects you want.


Designs that mimic an outdoor feel can make your space seem more open and spacious while still providing good acoustics.


Custom Moss Walls & Biophilic Designs

Custom wall designs demonstrate just how much care you've put into the esthetics of the office space. They can serve as focal points that show your guests and employees how important it is to make a statement by standing out.

Custom Meeting Table

If your location has a restrictive layout or size, your team can still meet comfortably at a custom meeting table. Our Design Consultants will be able to design just what your space and employees need.


Every office has its own way of organizing and filing its important paperwork. Sometimes, standard options just won't work. Custom filing solves that problem easily.


Love The Space You Work In

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