Optimize individual workspace while also fostering a highly collaborative environment. Workstations now encompass a variety of smart options that will accommodate the needs of your teams.

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Better Collaboration

Foster collaboration with office furniture designed for inspiration and communication.

Better Collaboration

Foster collaboration with office furniture designed for inspiration and communication.

Imagine the Possibilities

Office Style Varieties


Designs focused on strong lines and natural colors


Designs for today's trends as well as the future


Bold and beautiful styles for home or office

Endless Desk Options


Height Adjustable
Comfortable workstations that offer healthy flexibility


Open or Private
Cohesive appearance for an open concept or private offices


Storage Options
Office storage solutions for a clean and uncluttered work environment

Attention to Details


Team Communication
Whether in private offices or coworking spaces, communication among your team is easy now.


Cord Management
Aesthetically appealing cord management also makes the workstation safer.


Accessories give your furnishings final touches and more great tools to increase productivity.

It's easy to Get the Workspace of your dreams:

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    Speak With A Consultant

    Let our Design Consultants know what space you’re working with and your specific needs.

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    Review Your Recommended Plan

    See your recommended detailed furniture design plans and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

  • 3

    Enjoy Your Ideal Office Space

    Our installation team will take care of the rest so you can sit back and relax.

About Workstation Furniture

Workspace Resource has many options for your office systems, from the traditional call center cubicles to modular office panel systems. Additionally, we have a number of office and cubicle accessories that can add notable value to your working environment. We will help create a design that incorporates functional office furniture with intentional space planning in mind.

Some of the common individual workstations we offer are paneled cubicles, open office benching, organizational desking, and even height adjustable stations.

Our Design Consultant will make sure your workstations are synchronized with the rest of your office while still fostering collaboration and team communication.

While you can select from a large range of workstations, we'll make it easy for you by narrowing it down to the furniture that fits your wishlist, and give you the right furniture and the right design for your particular office.


Love The Space You Work In

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