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Shared office spaces are typically used by freelancers and creatives. They’re ideal for coworking and exchanging ideas. If you’re planning a combined office design, it’s important to make the best use of your work area.

How Can You Plan a Stunning Shared Office Space?

The affordability of combined workspaces is what draws many young professionals to them. Therefore, when planning your workspace design, it’s essential to keep the wants of your prospective clients in mind. If you’re tasked with the design plot of shared office space, here are 5 thoughtful recommendations for functioning coworking spaces. Click To Tweet

  1. Various Work Stations
  2. Face-to-Face Floor Plans
  3. Glass Walls
  4. Sunlight & Succulents
  5. Bursts of Color

1) Various Work Stations

While some people enjoy working alone, many people prefer to work in a group setting. It’s necessary to have plenty of options for employees. Switch up the seating– have couches and side tables in one room, and conference tables and task chairs in another.

Pro Tip: Consider including standing workspaces, because some people concentrate better while standing up.

2) Face-to-Face Floor Plans

Face-to-face communication is needed for many modern professionals. Teamwork is becoming a fundamental practice among many industries. Conference rooms should include large tables where colleagues can brainstorm and collaborate efficiently.

3) Glass Walls

Glass walls will make smaller spaces look and feel more open. The thin walls provide a sleek, classic look. They can transform a stuffy, dark office into a light and breathable space.

4) Sunlight & Succulents

Sunlight and nature can significantly boost moods and workplace satisfaction. Place houseplants in common areas and utilize stone and wood elements. If your office has any outdoor space, add chairs and tables so employees can eat lunch outside or take a walk outdoors when they need a break.

5) Bursts of Color

Don’t be afraid of color in your office design. Bright colors look attractive while lightening the mood. Just be sure to incorporate bright reds, yellows, and blues sparingly as accents because they can clash and feel distracting when they’re used too frequently.

A Modern Office Experience

Shared office spaces are on the rise as tech-dominated industries are changing the way we work. Offices and meeting rooms that are made for the free exchange of thoughts are becoming popular among upcoming entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and designers.

Would you like to plan your shared office space? Join the conversation to speak with our team about our professional design planning services.

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