I.E. Smart Systems

Spring, Texas

"Workspace Resources provides their clients with all the tools necessary to give you the utmost confidence in your decision making from space planning to furniture selections that fits your business needs."

- Nick Colvin, CEO of I. E. Smart Systems

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Clients Goals

Office furniture that matches the design of their new building

Height adjustable desks for everyone

Brand colors to match the furniture


Made sure that all furniture had a cohesive industrial look across multiple brands

We put AIS Calibrate and AIS Divi height adjustable desks in the private offices and workstations

Put their red branded colors across the spine of the workstations

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The Project

I.E. Smart Systems out of Houston, Texas is a leader in all things tech systems. From security systems to cabling infrastructure, these guys are great at what they do - as evidenced by the artful tech setup in their new office.
With their success, I.E. Smart Systems expanded into a new building to promote a fresh, healthy, and inspired space for their employees to do great work. "But how did they furnish it?" you ask.
That's where we came in. In close collaboration with their leadership and design teams, we developed a plan.
Overhauling their furniture setup, we pursued more consistent branding and pieces that would encourage physical health. Specifically, we wanted the new furniture to be industrial and to match their signature colors.
Throughout the building, they used exposed metal, black trim, and wood detail to achieve an industrial look. To promote physical wellness at work, I.E. Smart Systems put standing desks in each workstation and private office. This gave employees the flexibility to sit or stand, which is known to increase blood flow and productivity.
We cherish the opportunity to work with brands like I.E. Smart Systems that truly care about the work environment they provide employees. The final result turned out beautiful and highly functional.

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