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Clients Goals

Seamless look throughout the office

Set a standard look for nationwide expansion

Height Adjustable Desks

Branding Colors throughout the space


Made sure the private offices, workstations, reception and meeting spaces all looked cohesive

Put in AIS Calibrate hight adjustable desk in the private offices

Selected furniture that would be configurable in multiple office floorplans, locations and team size.

Added their brand color in the lounge and guest seating

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The Project

MiTek’s been around since the fifties, transforming the building industry with better building solutions. Having worked in the design and construction spaces for decades, on six continents, in 95 countries, these guys know what it is to work and build as a team. 

As luck would have it, MiTek contacted us to help furnish some of their workspaces. Beginning in their Humble, Texas office, and extending our partnership to several of their other locations, it was a privilege and delight to work with them. 

MiTek came to us with four primary objectives. 

The first was to create a seamless look throughout the office - from the reception area to the training room. With cohesion in mind, we limited furniture brands to AIS, 9to5 and Artopex. 

Our second goal was to create a consistent look in each of their unique office buildings across the country. To achieve this, we chose furniture pieces that were easily configurable within multiple floor plans and would accommodate different team sizes. 

Third, MiTek knew they wanted standing desks for the private offices, due to their ergonomic design and numerous health benefits. They chose the AIS Calibrate height-adjustable desk, to which we added a privacy panel and maximized storage capacity. 

Finally, the company wanted to preserve strong branding across the board. To do this, we added pops of MiTek’s trademark blue to each space – particularly in lounge and guest seating areas, to appeal to MiTek’s visitors and customers. 

We greatly value the opportunity to work with MiTek and witness firsthand their refined approach to building and collaborating. We look forward to working with them in the future as they continue to grow and expand. Another winning client experience in the books!  

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