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The Woodlands, Texas

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Clients Goals

Wanted to use their brand colors in the furniture

Privacy for focus and undisturbed time for the workstations and good meeting areas for collaboration

Create a cohesive and harmonious workspace

Ergonomic seating


Add their brand colors to the seats and tops of the file cabinets

Added workstations with high walls and meeting space throughout the office

We used the same manufacture so that all spaces from the private offices and workstations to the meeting space and dining areas, worked together.

We used All Seating YouToo Chair for Ergonomic Seating

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The Project

Refined Technologies is a global industrial solutions provider that partners with clients across industries to improve process operations and lower total costs. 

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of moving parts to their workflow, requiring a highly efficient office setup. Enter Workspace Resource. 

It’s our job to help companies create functional, attractive, motivating workspaces where every team member is empowered to do their best work. 

For this project, we worked closely with CBRE, HOK, and Miller LaPoint Construction to get the finished product just right. 

For Refined Technologies, strong branding, privacy, style consistency, and comfortable seating were of high priority. 

To achieve a strong brand identity in the office’s design, we used Refined Technologies’ signature colors on seats and file cabinets. To ensure adequate privacy, we installed high walls in the individual workstations and meeting areas. For consistent style, we stuck with one manufacturer. For comfortable seating, we chose an ergonomic chair to outfit each desk.

We thoroughly enjoy working with brands like Refined Technologies’ who care enough about making a place their employees actually enjoy coming into work for. The final result was a beautiful and functional workspace for their employees. 


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