10 Efficient Design Ideas For A Shared Office Space

October 22, 2021

By Workspace Resource

Shared office spaces are on the rise and changing the way we work in tech-dominated industries. We are ready to break out of the multiple, daily Zoom meeting boxes and get face-to-face again. Traditional walled-off office spaces and conference rooms are making the metamorphosing move into open, flourishing floorplans. These new layouts encourage transparency and the free-flowing exchange of ideas, thoughts, and co-worker connection.

How Can You Plan a Stunning Shared Office Space?

If you are ready to open your current space or are about to model from the ground up, it is important to determine the best use of your current work area. We have ten efficient ideas to get you started.

Various Workstations for Shared Space

Different tasks will require different settings, so providing a variety of workstations in your office for your employees gears the conversations and productivity in the right direction. Couches and side tables in a side room can help everyone let their hair down over a cup of coffee from the breakroom before tackling a project. Offering your employees standing workspaces for their personal workstation can be a game changer, as many have found improved productivity and concentration when they are standing up. Big conference room tables keep everyone eye-to-eye. The possibilities are endless!

Face-to-Face Floor Plans with Modern Professionals

Several industries have shifted their focus not on just what an individual can bring to the workplace, but what the right team can do when they are brought together. So, your office space design ideas will want to reflect this fundamental practice of togetherness. Your conference room table should be big enough to give your team the space and structure they need so they can all meet comfortably together. This can also be applied to your breakroom, where standup counters or café tables can encourage coworkers to settle in for a break, snack, or lunch together.

Glass Walls for Sleek and Classic Look

Glass walls can be an exemplary addition to your plan. Glass walls can make smaller spaces feel more open, and offer a sleek, trendy design across any office. The thin walls can still provide privacy for more sensitive meetings, while its reflective surface can bring more light and breathability through a darker office. They also send a message to your team: your office is one of transparency and inclusion.

Sunlight & Succulents for Workplace Satisfaction

When you explore your shared office space design ideas, try and think outside the box. Outdoor space at your office could benefit from chairs and tables, so people can take a breather, enjoy their lunch, or pull those tables together for a makeshift outdoor meeting. Keep your windows unobstructed to allow natural light to pour through your open office.

While all that light is coming in, consider throwing houseplants or succulents into the mix. They bring a boost of oxygen, and when coupled with wood or stone elements can naturally bring an outdoorsy, relaxing feel to your office.

Bursts Of Color to Lighten the Office Space

If your office is feeling drab, punch your palette up with bright colors and patterns. Not only do the colors look attractive, but they can also lighten the whole mood across your office. We also recommend that you consider the colors of your business logo as accent pieces as well. Branding is key, even inside your own office. Keep the theme and heart of your business an integral part of your open office design.

Open Shared Office Space for WiFi/Wired Connections

We are well accustomed to our digital world and know how to use it to exchange information and ideas. An open shared office space should also keep WiFi and wired connections in mind to encourage (and continue) this method of collaboration.

Plan to Design Your Office Space with Locking Storage

While an open shared office encourages us to collaborate and share our ideas, there will still be the need to lock up physical data—such as paperwork, files, folders, and company tech—like laptops and smartphones. Make sure you consider a space in that open office to safely and efficiently store sensitive items and data.

Design Your Office Space in Welcoming & Spacious Manner

We want to be connected; we want to come together over something exciting. Not only do we want our colleagues and coworkers to feel welcomed when they come through the office door, we also need to consider how our visitors feel. Walking into an open space with plenty of the welcoming elements we have discussed above can make a grand first impression.

Design Appropriate Workspace Dimensions

Stay aware of your office dimensions. While a big elephant ear plant looks and sounds like a great idea, that great idea can wind up taking up more space than you anticipated. Work with your designer to see how you can best navigate any given space. Shelving could bring more peaceful elements off the floor and onto the wall to preserve foot-traffic space, for example.

Know Your Furniture Needs as per Office Space

As we mentioned, awareness of your space plays a big part in how you not only decorate that space, but how you furnish it as well. While you are spatially aware of your open shared office design, be aware of your coworkers and their needs, as well. Arrange a meeting to gauge their needs: Do they wish they had more storage, more natural light, or just a more attractive place to work? Meet their needs to boost company morale and productivity.

A Modern Office Experience

When we open our offices, we are not just building a company anymore, we are building something welcoming, something more inclusive. We are turning our office into a community where everyone can play their part and build toward something superior to what it was the day before.

How would you like to plan your shared office space? If you are looking for office furniture in Houston or The Woodlands we can help you out, join the conversation today and speak to our team about our professional design planning services.

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