3 Reasons Workplace Lighting Matters More Than You Think

September 28, 2018

By Workspace Resource

Modern workers spend most of their day in the office, but if they’re not focused or productive, they can’t do much for their employers.  Companies that understand what drives productivity will get the most out of their talent and as a result, generate higher revenue.

Workplace Lighting

If you’ve ever worked in a dimly lit office with fluorescent lights buzzed overhead, then you already know that lighting affects your mood, energy level and productivity. Here’s what workers get with good lighting:

  1. Enhanced Productivity
  2. Improved Mood
  3. Decreases Discomfort

Enhances Productivity

While the initial investment required for a lighting overhaul might give you pause, consider the benefits you’ll see in terms of energy savings and productivity gains. Lighting is critical to alertness and productivity in the office. Understand that different tasks require different levels of light, so computer usage may require less lighting than filing.

Improves Mood

With more than 68% of office employees unhappy with the lighting in their workplace, that signals a less than satisfied workforce. Lighting is considered one of the most important factors in ergonomics, but this part of office design is often overlooked, rushed, or sacrificed in the name of style. In your own office, you may have noticed frustrated employees bringing in their own lamps to find the right blend of functional lighting and home-like ambiance

Decreases Discomfort

While office jobs aren’t known to be particularly dangerous, working at a desk all day can cause aches and pain. Lower back pain, wrist pain, and leg cramps come with the territory of office work, but so do headaches and eye strain. It’s not unusual for businesses to invest in modern, comfortable conference room seating to appeal to visitors, so why then would you not also invest in adequate furnishings and lighting for your employees?

Add Value

Building owners and facility managers have the potential to add value, reduce costs and enhance employee performance through the application of good lighting. People are attracted to well-lit public facilities, commercial shopping districts, and parks, so improved lighting, or adding more windows could actually add value to the building.

Thoughtful Lighting Goes a Long Way

Smart organizations know that enhancing the performance of their people keeps companies growing and innovating. Thoughtful lighting design can be a powerful tool to increase employee performance. Modern office design emphasizes the role of lighting, with more natural light, built-in task lighting and more.

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