8 Tips For Positioning A Desk In Front Of A Window

January 8, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Did you know that 22% of Americans worked from home in 2021?

Perhaps you're among them and you're looking for ways to make your home office a little more appealing. Or maybe you want to brighten things up when returning to the office.

If you're looking for some useful desk in front of window ideas, read on and we'll take you through some great tips to ensure you're getting the best out of your office furniture placement. 

Choose the Perfect Window

Although there are so many benefits to positioning your desk by a window, not just any window will do. It's important to think about the long-term effects of changing your desk position. 

If you've got multiple windows to choose from, try to take as many factors as possible into account so you can make the best decision. Remember to consider how conditions will change throughout the year with the passing of the seasons and different working patterns. 

Think about noise levels, outside distractions, convenience, and everything else. If you position your desk in a place where there's plenty of light and air but lots of other downsides, you might end up regretting your decision.

Ensure Optimum Lighting

Ensuring your workplace is well lit is one of the first things anyone should do when reorganizing an office.

But you shouldn't just be thinking about the lighting for yourself, but for others too. After all, we are living in the era of online meetings, when we're regularly expected to appear on camera in front of colleagues, associates, and clients from far and wide. 

Try to take advantage of natural light from the nearby windows but if you're moving to a corner, be sure you're still benefitting from the main lightbulbs in your office. If not, you may want to consider investing in some extra desk lamps or other light sources. You wouldn't want to end up in the dark on a rainy or overcast day.

Think About Security Concerns

Keeping your information secure is crucial to the running of a successful business. But all the antivirus and cybersecurity software in the world won't be enough to keep you safe if someone can look over your shoulder and steal your personal information.

It's important to give plenty of consideration to your security needs when positioning a desk. Especially if you're located on the ground floor, close to a busy street, you could be putting yourself at risk by leaving your desk in an exposed place. 

If you can't position your desk by a window without exposing your screen to prying eyes, take some extra steps to ensure privacy. You could use curtains or blinds to block the view from outside, or keep a mirror handy to see if anyone is lurking behind you while you work. 

Ask Co-Workers for Desk in Front of Window Ideas

It's a great idea to get tips from co-workers on their office designs. 

Share hints and tips with workers in your industry for the best results. Ask fellow home-based workers how to put a desk in front of a big window and see if they can give you the benefit of their own experience. 

Consider Desk Size and Shape

When positioning your desk by a window, it's important to consider the size of the desk. If it's too large, it could damage the window or scrape the glass, especially if you're positioning your desk in front of a low window.

And a big desk in front of a window with curtains can catch on the fabric. 

If you're considering making changes in your office space, consider buying a new desk to ensure you're getting the most out of your new position. When you work with us, we'll offer you the benefit of our expertise to choose the perfect desk for your workplace. 

Watch out for Glare

Enjoying the sunlight and good lighting is one of the main benefits of positioning your desk by a window. 

But there can be downsides to all that extra light. Glare on your computer screen can make simple tasks difficult and even cause damage to your eyes. 

Think about the angle you'll be sitting at and whether the sun is going to be shining onto your screen. Will the glare be at its worst during the busiest part of your day? Invest in some shades for the sunniest part of the day or consider using a visor or glare-resistant monitor. 

Put Your Back to the Window

Although it might be tempting to face the window and enjoy the beautiful view in front of you throughout the day, it's often more productive to sit with your back to the window. 

A desk in front of a window can cause distractions and limited visibility when the sun is shining brightly.

By turning your back to the window, you'll benefit from the air and light without distractions. It's a best of both worlds solution!

Invest in Seasonal Furniture

Throughout the year, conditions in your office can change greatly. It's not just the passage of seasons that can have an impact, but the ebb and flow of work, which is naturally going to be busier at certain times of the year.

That's why it's a good idea to change things around as the months pass by. 

Consider bringing in furniture for certain times of the year and storing other pieces when they aren't being used. Lease or rent desks and chairs and move them around as you see fit. This will help you make the best use of your natural resources and create a stimulating and fluid environment to work in.

Make a Well Planned Office Your Priority

Looking for more ways to maximize your productivity in the workplace? Workspace Resource can help you organize your office with stylish and convenient furniture.

Whether you're planning on buying, repairing, or renting furniture, we've got you covered and can even help with desk in front of window ideas.

Contact us today for all your office planning needs!

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