Crucial Design Tips For Creating A Patient-Focused Healthcare Facility

August 10, 2018

By Workspace Resource

When you walk into your doctor’s office are you greeted by a cheerful interior design? More and more medical facilities are opting for cleaner, welcoming environments with the help of modern furnishings, interesting textures, and thoughtful artwork.

Patient-Focused Healthcare Design

Healthcare facility design today goes well beyond aesthetics, particularly when it comes to healthcare. The cold, sterile designs of the past no longer cut it. Patients expect and deserve a modern, comfortable environment from the waiting area to the exam room.

Make It Comfortable

Chairs and couches should be muted in color and varied in height and width. Soft or neutral colors are best, without busy patterns or designs.  The arms of the chairs are important because they make it easier for people to get in and out of their seat, while the variance in height makes the space comfortable for people of all sizes.

Emphasize Privacy

Elements of seating and spacing are fundamental characteristics of a health clinic. It’s important to provide areas where families can sit together and talk, but also have chairs and couches for people who prefer a private setting. Be sure to place all chairs and sofas a good distance from the reception desk to protect each patient’s privacy.

Easy to Clean

The comfort and safety of patients should be a top priority when it comes to designing your healthcare facility. Materials used should be easy to maintain and keep clean. Because many patients have compromised immune systems when they visit a medical center, cleanliness is key.

A Clear Traffic Path

When patients walk in it should be very apparent which way they should go first. There should be easy access around the facility for those walking and in wheelchairs.

Keep It Convenient

Providing your patients with modern conveniences such as WiFi, charging stations and entertainment will significantly improve their experience.

A Positive Experience

By focusing energy and attention on the design of your healthcare facility, you can create a more positive patient experience and raise the morale of employees. A positive impression goes a long way in regards to a satisfactory overall experience.

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