6 Dark Office Ideas For Your Private Office

September 23, 2022

By Workspace Resource

The average person spends about 1/3 of their life working. If you work in a corporate office, that's a lot of time to spend in one room.

Why not design it to be a place you enjoy?

We've got some dark office ideas and dark office themes to turn your boring office space into a sleek, peaceful place to work. Read along below to find out!

1. Pick Dark & Moody Wall Colors

Step one in creating a modern dark office is painting the walls a dark, moody color, like black! It takes guts to go that bold, but it's a risk worth taking.

Black walls are best for offices that have a lot of natural light to balance how dark it makes the room. However, if that's your goal, pair a low-light, black-walled office with some industrial, amber light bulbs, and your office gives a smokey, speakeasy feel without the alcohol corporate wouldn't approve of.

Changing out the fluorescent lighting not only makes the room feel more modern, but the amber bulbs give immaculate, peaceful vibes. Turn on some cafe music in the background, and you'll feel like you're working from home, or even better, the coolest cafe you've seen!

If you don't want to go fully black with your walls, there are other, less adventurous colors that give the desired effect. You can opt for a dark grey office or try a deep, hunter green, which is close to black but adds more color to the room.

The color green is known to have calming effects because of its relation to nature. You can always spice up the rest of your office with black accents because those colors still complement each other.

2. Try Black Furniture

Black furniture will probably always be in. It's sleek and modern, while also being classic and timeless. Furthermore, it works with an abundance of dark office themes.

Black furniture weaves into your black office interior design of choice effortlessly. Is midcentury modern your aesthetic? That's perfect because a black couch fits right in.

Industrial, contemporary, or bohemian designs all incorporate a black desk easily. Though if you're going for a boho office look, might we suggest a dark, colored, velvet couch or chair?

A deep teal, velvet couch adds texture and a little color into a dark space. You'll love how soft and comfortable it is to the touch.

Black furniture and accents are a great way to get the dark feeling you want if you're not able to change the color of your walls. You'll be surprised what you can do with a few swaps of furniture.

3. Add Inky Accents

We have a few black office ideas for when you can't or don't want to change your wall color. Consider the following accents being black or in darker shades:


Long curtains hung high on your walls make your office seem taller than it might actually be. They will make your office seem more interesting as well if you choose a fun texture.

Even if you don't have windows, you can still put up curtains that give the illusion of having a window in your office. No one has to know all that's hiding behind those curtains is a wall! Let them think you have an office with a view.


Other ways to bring in lighting that is more pleasing to the eye than your overhead lighting are standing lamps and desk lamps. They are also a good way to accent your office.

While there's nothing wrong with shiny black lamps, maybe try a matte black finish instead. Go all in with a black lampshade as well!


Did you know that there are black plants and flowers? Having a black magic colocasia tucked into your office corner looks sleek and still brings in a little piece of nature.

If you want to have a pop of color with a plant that's easy to take care of like a snake plant, do that! It still needs a pot to be planted in, and that pot can be an inky accent for your dark office.


Don't forget to spruce up your floor as well! Bring the eye not only to the ceiling with your curtains or drapery but bring it back down to the floor with a complementary, darker-shaded rug.

4. Choose Complementing Art & Mirrors

Add some art to your walls that match the rest of the theme that you're wanting. Take the frame choices into consideration as well. Black frames outlining your artwork match the rest of your office!

Mirrors add light to your office without changing any of your colors. They also make the room seem more spacious. A black-framed mirror fits any design theme!

5. Go Monochrome in Black and White

Go full-on modern by choosing black and white in your office. Paint your walls black, but then choose white accents, like chairs, lamps, a rug, etc.

Your office appears elevated and sophisticated in this high-contrast monochrome theme. Finish off the look with some black and white photography hanging on your walls.

6. Lighten It Up In Other Areas

You don't have to choose jet black colors for your entire office. Thread pops of color through your overall dark theme if you want a moody look that still feels fully alive.

This could be the artwork that you choose to hang or choosing a warm oak for your desk color instead of black. If you do choose to paint, make one wall a statement wall with a pop of color!

Enjoy These Dark Office Ideas!

Hopefully, these dark office ideas have sparked your creativity to manipulate your office space to be what you'd like. We know you spend many hours of your life there, so you might as well enjoy it!

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