Best Employee Breakroom Ideas: Improve Morale And Company Culture

July 9, 2022

By Workspace Resource

A 2019 study found that 90% of employees feel taking more breaks throughout the day would improve their morale. Clinical research done in 2021 found that fatigued employees benefit from taking microbreaks (5-minute breaks throughout the day). These breaks can lead to increased energy and a better chance of those employees setting and reaching daily work goals.

One way to ensure employees have the chance to take their daily work breaks is to create an employee breakroom design they'll enjoy. With the best employee breakroom ideas, you can create a space where employees can go to refresh and recharge before getting back to work. If you're not sure how to design an employee breakroom, continue reading below!

Here's everything you need to know about employee breakroom furniture!

Provide Coffee and Healthy Snacks

Many employees like to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee during their workday to help get them through. Not only does coffee contain caffeine employees need to give them that boost of energy, but a cup of coffee can also be good for mental health. Some employees look forward to having a hot cup of coffee as a way to mentally prepare them for the day ahead of them.

For the employees who don't drink coffee, provide a tea infuser. Don't forget to offer lots of healthy snack options. Healthy snacks can keep employees stomach's full and satisfied while also boosting their energy.

Granola bars, trail mix, nuts, yogurt, pre-packaged veggies with dips, and fruit are some great options.

Set Up a Bookshelf With Industry Reads

A bookshelf in the breakroom with industry reads is a great way to help develop skills. The right books can encourage both growth and development in your employees. It can also be beneficial to supply employees with books of various genres for them to enjoy during their breaks.

You can create one section that's a workplace library with competence-based literature and another section that's dedicated to reading for enjoyment purposes only.

Install a Fully-Equipped Kitchen Area

A fully-equipped kitchen area gives you the storage space you'll need to store all of those dry snacks, coffee and tea essentials, condiments, and more. It also provides employees with a sink to wash their hands in before and after eating, which promotes good health. Of course, there will also be a refrigerator where you and your employees can keep all of the cold beverages and food items.

Installing a fully-equipped kitchen shows employees you care about their well-being and ability to have a healthy and nutritious lunch each day.

Incorporate Various Seating Options

When designing your employee breakroom, you want there to be various seating options. You can create a cafe and dining furniture section for employees who want to enjoy their lunch together, but don't forget to include a cozy and comfortable seating area as well. This area might include carpeting and beanbag chairs, for example, and is ideal for those who want to read or relax during their breaks.

Gaming chairs, swinging chairs, and yoga mats are other wonderful and unique seating options you can choose to incorporate in this section.

Encourage a Relaxing Getaway

Some of the best employee breakroom features are the ones that allow employees to relax.

As an employer, you should want to encourage employees to relax during their breaks. Breaks are not the time for quick company meetings or getting extra work done. Breaks are for relaxing and giving the brain a chance to recharge before going to the next daily task.

To encourage a relaxing getaway, help take your employees' minds off of work while in the breakroom. To do this, you can include games, a television, and other forms of entertainment. When employees engage in these things, it boosts their creativity and allows their brains to reset and prepare for the rest of the day ahead of them!

Ensure Ample Table Space

We've covered seating spaces, but let's not forget to talk about table space as well. You want there to be enough table room for everyone who's enjoying the breakroom together. You should also provide different table spaces depending on different table activities.

For example, you can have one large table for those who want to come together while enjoying their meals. You can then have individual tables with chairs for those who want to leave alone. Last, be sure to include tables set up as creative spaces/work spaces for those who want to spend time working on their own personal projects while on break.

These table spaces should have power outlets, USB ports, and other features that make using technology there simple.

Allow Creativity to Bloom

You want creativity to bloom in each one of your employees. Dedicate one area of the employee breakroom to the creations of your team. This is where your employees can post and share their work or creations.

Create a bulletin board using construction paper and a border. Employees can then tape photos of themselves with their co-workers, photos of their families and pets, and photos of the work they've recently completed. This is also a great space for employees to post encouraging words for one another to help inspire.

Don't forget to post the company's mission statement and vision there as well!

Gather the Best Employee Breakroom Ideas For the Ultimate Design

To design a breakroom that encourages and promotes creativity, company culture, and morale, you need to discover all of the best employee breakroom ideas. Use the helpful information listed in this guide above to help you build a breakroom your employees will love. Need help getting started?

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