2022 Guide To Buying New Office Furniture

December 24, 2021

By Workspace Resource

The US office furniture market is the largest globally, with an expected value of $14 billion. This number shows the value that business owners place on office furnishings.

Your office plays a significant role in how clients view your business. So everything in your office, including your furniture, should represent your brand accurately. It is paramount to choose the best furniture for an office.

But, buying office furniture is not always an easy task. Office furniture should strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. It should also be comfortable.

Here are handy tips to help you choose the best office furniture.

Know How Much Space You Have

The amount of space for furniture in your office building determines the size of furniture that works best. If you have little room in the office, consider getting furniture your employees can share.

Co-working desks are a great option to avoid overcrowding the office. If you have many employees in a large office space, individual desks help arrange the office better.

The shape of your furniture also depends on the office layout. So ensure you measure your office before choosing furniture.

Stay on Budget

Furniture is a significant investment for your business. However, it would help if you didn't go broke buying furniture.

Get a few most necessary pieces if you are working under a tight office furniture budget. You can also get functional pieces you can use for multiple purposes.

For instance, a desk with drawers provides additional storage.
Second-hand furniture is another option you can go for on a tight budget.

Even with second-hand furniture, quality is essential.
So buy furniture from dealers who sell trusted office furniture brands. Take advantage of any sales offers on office furniture to make the most of your budget.

Remember, just because furniture is expensive does not mean it is the best. The best way to stay on budget when buying office furniture is to decide which features matter most to you. Sometimes, that means you may have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Prioritize Comfort

Creating a conducive work environment helps improve productivity. Bad furniture makes it hard for someone to settle comfortably in their workstation.

As a result, it hinders productivity. So before you buy any furniture piece, test it out to determine whether or not it is comfortable.
No matter how beautiful a pie of furniture looks, do not buy it if it does not offer comfort.

Chairs are an especially important consideration when it comes to comfort. Most business owners prefer ergonomic office chairs due to their extra support. Because they offer back support, these chairs are comfortable even for someone with back problems.

The best ergonomic chair for an office should be adjustable to accommodate all your employees. Ergonomic chairs come in multiple colors.

When buying lounge chairs for the waiting area, get ones with cushions that aren't too hard. Your cushions should also have a design and colors that blend in with the rest of your interiors.

Reduce Clutter

A disorganized workspace is distracting. Additionally, a cluttered office gives clients a bad first impression. So when buying office furniture, include pieces with storage features to reduce clutter.

File holders, desks with drawers, and baskets are handy office storage options. Bins are also essential for disposing of unnecessary items.

Interior Design Matters

There are various reasons why your office should have a consistent style and color. Consistency in interior design is important because it makes the office come together.

A consistent design also helps you display your brand better.
When you have different colored and shaped furniture, your office looks messy.

So when buying furniture, ensure it fits the office theme.

If your office has your brand colors, ensure your furniture matches. Also, pick a similar style for all furniture pieces.

Consider Compatibility With Office Amenities

There are other amenities in the office besides furniture. If you work with specialized equipment, ensure the furniture you get can accommodate the equipment.

For instance, get portable office desks that one can move close to a laptop port. Consider getting cubicles to help employees focus more. Adjustable desks and chairs also help you make better use of your space.

Consider Cleanliness When Buying Office Furniture

Your office is more conducive to work in when it is clean. So, if you are buying second-hand office furniture, ensure it has no stains.

It is also best to buy furniture that is easy to clean. Furniture that does not stain easily and is easy to clean reduces your cleaning costs.

Buy Office Furniture From a Trusted Supplier

Where you buy your furniture is an essential determinant of quality. An expert on office furniture knows excellent quality office furniture brands.

They offer advice on which furniture best suits your needs.

Additionally, they help you choose furniture with the right combination of form and functionality for your space.

The best supplier to buy office furniture from is one you trust has your best interests at heart. This can be a supplier you have worked with before or one recommended by close friends and family.

Before buying furniture from a supplier, ask them for references. You should also know of the after-sales services the supplier offers. Some services include storing office furniture, delivery, and installation.

Ensure the supplier you choose can work within your budget. If you need furniture for more than one office space, it is best to buy from a supplier who stocks various types of office furniture.

Buy the Best Office Furniture

Buying office furniture is an investment for any business. So, choosing the right furniture for your office may feel daunting. But, you cannot go wrong if you follow the above office furniture checklist.

At Workspace Resource, we help you find office furniture to make your office stand out. Our services include office designs, office customization, and furniture installation.

Contact us today to get started on finding the perfect office furniture.

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