Guide To Furnishing A New Conference Room

June 13, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Your new conference room ought to have professional design and furniture to enhance the comfort of your clients and employees. Furniture is all that makes a difference in a new conference room setup, especially when you complement it with a matching color scheme and theme.

This new conference room setup guide will outline some of the essential new conference room furniture to use. It will also include some factors to add to your new conference room checklist before purchasing the furniture.

Important Furniture for a New Conference Room

Conference Tables

A conference table is necessary for every meeting space, and numerous options are available. You can find tables that can be extended or altered to suit your needs, and rectangular and square tables work well in medium- to large-sized rooms.  

Oval and racetrack tables can seat more people and make it simpler to move around the room because they have rounded corners. The best views are from tables that resemble boats. Because the middle is wider, neither employees nor visitors are seated in a straight line. Screens, presentations, and other meeting participants are easier to see.

There must be at least 3 feet of space to walk around the entire edge of a round table. Round tables can save a lot of space in some rooms, but they can be challenging to move around in smaller spaces.

Verify that the table contains a power data module; this eliminates the need to worry about where the wall outlets are located or how to organize the wires when placing projectors, phones, computers, and other electronic devices on the tabletop. Setting up your conference room can be made much simpler with a power and data module table.

To make them look good together, make sure the color and design of the table match the conference room's theme. Additionally, check that the table is high quality since meaningful discussions, plans, and client meetings will occur here.

Conference Chairs

Any space where people gather should have these chairs. Comfortable and simple to adjust seats, preventing the need for anyone to focus-draining complicated ergonomic adjustments in the middle of a meeting. The layout of the room influences the choice of chairs as well. Big chairs make a small conference room even more crowded than you can imagine, making staff members and clients uneasy.

Consider how the meeting's chairs will also fit around the table you select. Having stackable chairs at a conference is a great way to move around when there are more attendees than anticipated. These should still have a professional appearance and be simple to store when not used, so you should choose them carefully.

It's crucial to consider the backrest and the material when picking a conference chair. Ensure that the chair backrests offer lumbar support and are perfectly positioned to accommodate each person's unique spine curve. When people are sitting for extended periods, this is crucial for their health—both as clients and as employees. The chair can look better and feel better to sit in by using high-quality materials.


Whiteboards are an excellent tool for meetings. People will have a much-needed place to share ideas and write them down if you hang one or more marker boards in your meeting area. To find one that suits the requirements of your room, you can pick from various styles and sizes, including the increasingly popular glass boards. Glass dry-erase and whiteboards can also serve as projection screens. You want a whiteboard to be visible to everyone in the room, so carefully consider where to place it.

Storage Pieces

You must add storage to keep the conference room neat and organized. Think about space-saving pieces of furniture like credenzas that can serve multiple purposes. Meeting materials can be placed on top of supplies kept behind cabinet doors. Consider whether the furniture you want to use as storage needs to be able to open. Make sure that doors and drawers don't run into other pieces of furniture.


With bookshelves, a conference room can look more elegant and showcase valuable books, collections, company literature, and honors.


Podiums are fantastic if your conference room is used for large presentations with multiple speakers. Make sure the speaker has a comfortable place to sit at the podium.

Factors to Consider When Choosing New Conference Room Furniture


One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing furniture is the amount of space in the room where meetings and conferences will be held. To keep the meeting space adaptable and simple, you should consider using furniture that serves multiple purposes, such as stackable folding chairs and tables. Most furnishings available in shops and online are designed to fit in various types of rooms. However, if the room's shape is unusual, you might need to order custom furniture.


What kind of furniture to buy for the room will depend on how many people use it. Based on how many employees will use them, businesses must decide how many people can fit in their conference rooms and how large the tables should be. People need space to move around, affecting where the furniture is placed.


Will there be room for seating in the room? Will they meet frequently or use computers? Are audio and video conferencing planned for the space, or will there be any speeches or displays? Before selecting the appropriate furniture for the meeting room, it is imperative to find the answers to these crucial questions.


The layout and appearance of the office will also influence the type of furniture selected. Any furniture must be purchased to blend in with the rest of the office's design to give it a sense of coherence. The new furnishings should coordinate with how the business wants to be perceived.

Purchase high-quality meeting tables, office chairs, and other amenities such as podiums, whiteboards, and storage facilities to transform your new conference room into a beacon of creativity and imagination. Considering the above factors, you will notice that selecting conference room furniture is quite simple.

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