15 Easy & Brilliant Halloween Cubicle Decoration Ideas

October 19, 2022

By Workspace Resource

It's hard to put your finger on what makes Halloween office decorations so unique. Halloween is the only time of year to go all out with your cubicle, turning your booth into a darker, more menacing area that your colleagues will find irresistible!

There are a ton of different ways to spruce up your office stall or home office for the Halloween season. Read on for some of the most unusual and stylish Halloween cubicle decor ideas (and home decor, too!). Have a Happy Halloween, and cheers to enchanting your whole workplace this Halloween!

An office cubicle decorated to look like a haunted house.

Turn Your Cube Into A Haunted House


Nothing is more iconic for Halloween than a haunted house, and given that your cubicle is your home away from home, what a perfect way to get into the season! To nail this design, you will need some cardboard to build a roof and a door.

If your office has a shipping and receiving department, see if they have some extra cardboard in recycling that you can use. Make your cubicle house feel extra spooky and haunted with glowing orange or purple lights and some cob webbing. Add a little humor by poking fun at working-from-haunted-home. 

A cubicle decorated as a crime scene with a white body outline on the carpet and crime scene tape.

Crime Scene


Get things rolling with some "evidence markers." Those bright yellow numbered markings used to point to discovered evidence are likely already familiar to you. It's simple to create your own using thick paper and arranging them around "signs of struggle" or a chalk outline of a "body."

A "murder scene" requires a chalk outline. If you have carpeting in the office, you may want to use masking tape or chalk outline stickers if you can find some online. But if good ol' chalk is acceptable, save money by drawing a colleague's outline on the carpet.

You obviously don't want to damage any workplace property, but fake indications of a fight are simple to make. Place some objects from a desk on the floor around your workstation or open desk drawers and hang clothes over the side. The overturned furniture and the desk light on the floor are telltale signs of a "conflict."

Use yellow caution tape to enclose any signs of a "fight," reducing the risk of someone treading over "evidence." It's also possible to purchase fake shattered glass to scatter throughout your cubicle.

Cubicles in an office decorated like a level from the video game Mario Bros.

Play Off Your Costume

Win the best Halloween party costume and decorating contest in one sword stroke with this idea. Ride on the dragon coattails of HBO's House of the Dragon finale by outfitting your cubicle with Westeros-inspired office decor.

Suppose you plan to come to work on Halloween dressed as Aemond Targaryen, Lord Corlys Velaryon, or Alicent Hightower. Your cubicle has to look the part. Transform your stall into the Red Keep or your office chair into the Iron Throne with a bit of imagination and some cardboard.

What's an HOTD-themed cubicle without a dragon? Get to work with paper mache or cardboard and try to recreate the OG dragon, Vhagar. Throw in some dragon eggs while you're at it, too. 

An office decorated like a haunted forest for Halloween.

Haunted Forest  


Use this as inspiration to make your cubicle a little more sinister. Decorating for Halloween with a fake scary woodland theme is a sure way to bring on the chills. Imagine your office space covered with dead leaves, a towering silhouette of spindly trees, and a thick blanket of spiderwebs. Your cubicle will certainly feel like an abandoned forest, so eerie you could anticipate the appearance of a ghost at any moment!

Pirate Ship

Make your office cubicle seem like a pirate ship replete with skeleton pirates, a treasure chest, and goodies. You can make a pirate ship using cardboard boxes and some black spray paint to make porthole windows. Set up a pirate-themed scenario within your cube with a pirate's booty, such as a chest full of riches and sweets for the office trick-or-treat. Store gold coins, jewelry, and even gift cards in wooden chests - your loot will be secure with full-sized skeleton pirates as sentries.

Mad Scientists Lab


One Halloween desk decor to try is turning your desk into a scary lab to amuse your coworkers. Ordinary bottles and vases may double as reagent containers in a pinch. Feel free to use common kitchen tools, such as mixers, stirrers, thermometers, timers, and measuring cups. 

Low-priced lab supplies are also available. Sometimes you can find real gems in dollar stores or thrift shops. You can get vials that seem like they were made for a mad scientist's experiments from the dollar store.

Toy stores with a focus on science supplies are another viable option. You can get Petri dishes and droppers for very little money. 

The plumbing supply aisle at your local hardware shop may have just what you need. They often have plastic tubing that can be coiled, extended, and wrapped from one beaker to another. 

Easy and practical, food coloring and water may make bottles seem like they contain a dangerous poison that can dissolve flesh. And for the pièce de résistance, add a replica of your boss' or office best friend's head in a jar. 

Vacation Destination


This year, get into the Halloween spirit by displaying the place you'd rather be than at your desk. A cabin in the woods somewhere in snowy Aspen can be just the thing to inspire you at work today. The cubicle cabin can have all the trimmings: sled, string lights, trees, stars, and even snow.

And, of course, you could also go on a beach vacation right there in your cubicle with tiki torches, inflatable coconut trees, and straw walls. 

Another Business


Poke fun at a rival or show off your first job. Turn your cubicle into a fast food drive-thru window. Perhaps you've worked at a nearby In-N-Out back in the day. 

You can get by with less creative ability and more effort spent on this one. You may use orange wrapping paper to spruce up your otherwise white cubicle walls.

Build a replica of the In-N-Out Burger sign and menu by covering or painting several cardboard squares orange. Low-cost materials, but be ready to give out free food like fries and burgers as a gift idea. Have some pretend ones stashed up above, at the very least!



Are you the employee who always advocates for keeping the office lights off or low? Send that message loud and clear by decorating your cubicle as the ultimate cave. 

A frightening office cubicle for Halloween can resemble a dimly-lit cave. It's also a relatively simple and cost-effective method if you want to improve the ambiance in your office for the spooky occasion. Once you've built the bare cave walls, you may get highly inventive by hanging skeletons, spider webs, or 3D bats to frighten people away.

Area 51


Create the impression that the government has harbored hideous alien lifeforms in your office for years. Now they are free to wander your company's virus-infested halls and cubicles after breaking out of their test tubes. Put an alien research facility, human cryo-chamber, or glowing egg pods on your cubicle to create a scene straight out of Area 51.

Zombie Apocalypse


Create a graveyard as a background for your zombie apocalypse cubicle. Zombies who want to devour your brains may attempt to break through any door or window in your cubicle. Perhaps some zombies broke past the "bars" you've placed on the windows.

Grasping hands may attempt to reach in and grab unsuspecting employees. Grotesque zombie hands can also rise from the carpet flooring. All that's needed is a splash of blood and maybe a zombified image of a coworker, and you'll be set.

Bad Upstairs Neighbor


Don't you wish you could hocus pocus a bad upstairs neighbor away? When you have monsters for upstairs neighbors, your cube might reflect that for Halloween. Office chair racing champion, amateur woodworker, weightlifter, and Dance Dance Revolution addict are just a few examples.

Exhibit their fantastic practice of donning shoes with firm soles and then spending a few minutes a day sprinting about for you to hear. They could be party animals themselves or at least have frequent visitors who are.



This Halloween office decoration idea for the workplace focuses more on a harvest theme than scare tactics. Try to picture yourself on a farm on a cool, overcast day in the autumn. Get creative by placing a pumpkin display on top of a faux hay bale, which you can find at most craft shops.

Gather pumpkins of varying sizes and hues and arrange them in a Pinterest-worthy display. Pumpkins come in a broad spectrum of colors - from purple to green to white. Decorate with some gourds for some more oomph to your cubicle.  



As a first step, you may place a striped tablecloth on your office desk. Then set up homages to carnival games and props. Put a carnival banner and some fringes on your cubicle wall. Put on a joker costume or some huge cartoon balloons for that extra carnival touch.

Arcade Machine


Put a Pac-Man, Super Mario, or The Claw arcade machine in your cube for Halloween for a nerdy throwback look. The massive machine and layout evoke memories of arcades from your youth. Spend some quality time remembering the good times with your office pals.

Too pricey? Too much work? Try paper cutouts of Pac-Man devouring his favorite snack pellets all around your cubicle. Or create a cardboard cutout that transforms your computer into an old favorite, the Atari. 

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