Happy New Year From WorkSpace Resource!

December 21, 2018

By Workspace Resource

2018 has sped along to the end in the bat of an eye. This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, remember the year behind us and look forward with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth.

How to Incorporate Color Psychology Into Your Office Design

Color plays a critical role in how your business is perceived. Whether you’re a startup trying to connect with a youthful audience or a consulting firm trying to strengthen client relationships, you can study and learn the psychology behind colors to help you better charm and connect to your ideal customer.

Incorporating Color Psychology Into Your Office

5 Classroom Furnishings for a Kid-Friendly Space

When you think of a classroom, what do you picture? Most people imagine a dusty chalkboard on the front wall, and rows of combo desks with attached chairs. Cold, hard plastic in muted tones, with no creativity. This is not exactly conducive to higher learning levels. Fortunately, gone are the days of boring, cold classrooms.

Classroom Decor for a Kid-Friendly Space

5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Waiting Area

Walk into any new dental office and you may be shocked by what you find in the waiting room.  More and more dentists are swapping their old-fashioned vinyl seating and recycled magazines for high-class, modern furniture and video game areas equipped with wall mounted televisions. Why all this focus on the waiting area? Customers spend a big portion of their time in the waiting room. The waiting area is usually the first impression you make, and no matter how great your services are, an old or uncomfortable waiting room can cost you customers.

How to Create a Welcoming Waiting Area

A Happy 2019

2018 has been an amazing year for WorkSpace Resource. We are very grateful for our hardworking staff and loyal customers. We hope you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve surrounded with loved ones. Here’s to a happy 2019. Cheers!

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