Houston Themed Office Space Design Ideas & Examples

January 14, 2022

By Workspace Resource

When we open our offices, we aren't simply establishing a business; we also have to set a more accepting and inclusive environment for smooth, cohesive, and motivating human interactions. 

You can fuel cohesiveness and a feeling of affiliation in your employees by appealing to their love for the city! That can be possible through adopting some trendy Houston-themed office space designs.

What genuinely characterizes trendy office design is catering to their demands and likes, and keeping up with the trends provides an engaging and motivating user experience for employees.

Houston Themed Design Ideas

Here we have listed office space designs ideas you can use to make your office connect with the city. This list will help you stand out with the most elegant and trendy Houston office design ideas!

Houston's Landmarks 

If you’re looking for ways to brighten up those office workspaces with some aspirational architectural show, here are a couple of things you could try:

Houston’s Skyline  

Houston city has several unique buildings and a distinct skyline. Offices could use images or wallpapers of these beautiful skylines to elevate the interior design of their offices. 

You could decorate the walls inside the Office rooms with these wallpapers to provide a distinctive look for onlookers. It will also serve as a very subtle integration of the Houston Texas theme, glorying the beauty of the Houston night sky.

The Astrodome

The gorgeous Astrodome, located in Houston, Texas, was the world's first multi-purpose, domed sports stadium and a great alternative to utilizing the city's skyline as wallpaper. While the city might not be sure with what to do with the space, it can still enhance your workspace.

If the vibe you're looking to give off is sporty and magnificent, we can't think of a more suitable choice for display than the Astrodome. The superb work of architecture will light up faces all around the office for all sports fans present within the building.

Incorporate Local Sports Teams 

Everyone loves a hometown team! Decorating the lounges with your favorite sports team could help employees connect through their love for sports. Here are a few ideas:


In 2021, the Astros won the American League West title for the fourth time in five seasons while winning 95 games. 

Decorating the office walls with picture frames or paintings of the Astros could serve as a fitting tribute towards their achievements and motivate employees by glorifying their favorite baseball team! 

That might also spark a healthy working environment where co-workers utilize their break time to discuss their favorite teams and their victories. 


Based on the workers' preference within an office, You could use decorative items related to the Houston Rockets Basketball team in place of other sports teams. 

These items could vary from paintings to a framed shirt from a famous player to decorate the empty walls present. 

Offices could use team posters to build a company-specific fanbase, celebrate recent victories, or hype up the employees' morale before an actual game. 

The Houston Rodeo

There is no sweeter time of year than rodeo season, plus the rodeo is rich with iconography the screams Texas. Consider art or murals that highlight the trail rider, cowboys, cattle, or even the accompanying fair.

Bringing Sports Into Culture

Bonus Tip: Beyond incorporating teams into your decor or highlighting memorabilia, you can incorporate sports into your office culture. This could be things like "If our team wins, we'll have pizza for lunch." 

Honor The Industries That Made Houston

Houston was built on oil and space, and incorporating imagery from these industries is a great way to honor the city's history. Consider including oil derrick pumps or oil rigs as murals, or NASA's logo and space shuttle imagery.

Texan Iconography 

The reception is the most visible area in the workplace. Various clients and guests arrive and take their seats there. Decorating the Reception area with symbols that are unique to Houston could send a warm message to your guests.   


The classic Houston Bluebonnets can be used as reception flowers. You may use these flowers to construct a huge bouquet and embellish it with various green fillers for the perfect design. 

That will provide guests to the office with a one-of-a-kind Houston-themed welcome, making them feel just at home. The aroma from the bluebonnets will help sweeten the mood all-round. 


Another distinct Houston-themed trademark that you can use to decorate the reception is the Houston Longhorns. 

These longhorns could add a bold sentiment to your office theme, placed right above the reception area to greet visitors at first glance. Visitors will undoubtedly take their time to admire the design while they wait for their meeting.  

Texas State Flag

Sometimes the most straightforward ideas can send the strongest signals. Decorating the Reception with a simple Texas state flag could show clients how loyal you are to your home state. 

The flag will add to the beauty of the office layout while at the same time convincing clients that they have walked in through the right door.  

Examples in Houston

Here are two examples from the local community that compliment Houston-themed office designs!  

CBRE’s New Office Mural

CBRE has recently decorated its new Houston office. The fifth level is separated into four "neighborhoods" based on CBRE's many areas of business and Houston's topography. The murals in the North, South, East, and West are 9 feet tall and extend in width from 58 to 91 feet. 

The four murals displayed different neighborhoods and the most well-known places/things in those parts of town, engaging the spectator with details and consistency between the four works of pure Houston nostalgia.

KHOU’s Houston Skyline Backdrop

KHOU's new office in Houston, Texas, comes equipped with a beautiful backdrop encompassing the Houston Skyline. 

The main newsroom floor is purposely created to feel dynamic through strategically positioned lighting in the open ceiling. 

The beautiful skyline in the background has earned praise from the locals. Likewise, aiding in the popularity of KHOU's office and brand alike. 

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