Inspiring Success Story

June 27, 2011

By Workspace Resource

One of our manufacturers, Special-T, sent out a touching and inspiring letter from a client about what a custom table can do for a special little girl:

Hello Special-T,

You were able to help my engineering design team with some pricing on table legs to help our project maintain its budget. I just want to write you an e-mail thanking you for helping us...

Our project turned out beautifully and we maintained our budget. There is also the possibility of our desk being recommissioned for future children that require a custom desk.

Our project was to design and build a desk for a young girl named Heavyn. She has cerebral palsy and moves her arms very erratically. Because of her erratic arm movement she gets her arms caught under the edge of the desks they use in her class. These desks bruise and scratch her arms which is very uncomfortable to her as you could imagine. We were assigned to develop, design, and build a new desk for her that would prevent these event from occurring. My design team was able to come up with a solution to extend the desk around her wheelchair which would easily prevent Heavyn from being able to get her arms underneath the desktop.

I wanted to again thank you for your help with our project and keeping us under budget. It was a tremendous stress reliever knowing that we did not have to sink about half our budget into the legs. The legs we received were very strong, sturdy, and were perfect for what we wanted for the project. When we delivered the desk Heavyn was excited about it. She typically would push away or try to push away things she didn't like. With out desk she was very calm and started smiling from ear to ear. It was a great feeling knowing that we designed something that not only worked, but she loved. We hope she will use it for years to come. I have attached some of the best photos of Heavyn from our delivery of the desk.

Again, Thank You so much for your help.

Stewart Garrett, Client

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