8 Brilliant Ways To Make The Most of an Empty Conference Room

August 19, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Did you know it's estimated that 22% of America's workforce will be remote by 2025?

Now that many companies have provided their employees with the option to work remotely, it may be hard to make good use of your conference room.  However, there are other options besides office meetings.

If you're tired of looking at an empty conference room, you've come to the right place. We are going to share with you eight amazing ways to use your conference room. Keep reading to find out how to get the most out of your office space.

1. Accountability Groups

A private conference room is a perfect place for people to meet and discuss their goals and the challenges they've been facing. Consider opening up your empty conference room for people to meet with an accountability partner.

This is an option if you have employees in the office or not. During the day, your employees can meet with someone who can help them reach their goals. Once the office is empty for the night or weekend, you can offer the space for community groups to meet, such as AA or NA.

2. Offer Breakfast

If you're wondering what to do with an empty conference room, consider offering breakfast for your employees. You can have the company provide snacks, pastries, and coffee in the room.

This will not only make use of your conference room, but it can boost morale in the office and let your employees know you appreciate them. You could even set up a waffle or coffee bar. If there are multiple companies sharing your building, you can invite them to join too.

3. Art Show

Another idea is to host an art exhibit. You can connect with local artists in your area and have them set up their prices in your conference room.

You may have to move around some furniture, but a smaller space may be more comfortable for a new aspiring artist. You can encourage your employees to walk through and enjoy the art throughout the day.

Having a musician come in and play is another option. You may want to pass on the heavy metal band, but a couple of low, instructional songs could bring a lot of joy to the office.  

4. Workshops

A workshop is a great way to help your employees improve their skills. There are a couple of options with this one. You can bring in someone from human resources to teach people a new skill that will increase their productivity or you can host a fun art class.

Team bonding exercises are a great way to bring your employees closer together, which is another great option. If a few of your employees are working on projects together, you can allow them to brainstorm or plan out their work in the conference room.

5. Movie Theater

If your conference room design will allow for a projector, then turning the conference room into a movie theater is another creative idea. You can get some popcorn and have a family-friendly movie showing. This is a great option if you aren't sure how to use an empty conference room after hours or on the weekends.

6. Rent it Out

There may be people in the community that need to the space, and it's easy to set up an ad online. Before doing this, you'll want to be sure it's easy for people to reserve.

You'll want to be sure everyone is able to social distance while they are there. You may also want to update the song system and set up a video chat. Consider the design of the room.

People will be more open to using the empty conference room if it looks appealing. Even adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the carpet can make a big difference.

Consider the furniture you choose and remember to keep it clean. Not only will people want to return and rent it out again, but it will also keep people healthy.

You may also want to pick a theme and have the conference room center around that. People love to save money, so if you run discounts and deals, you might be able to increase the number of renters.

7. Bounce Hours

Your conference room can host people in the community, so they have access to different recourses. People from different professions can come here to bounce their ideas off unbiased parties.

Some people who work remotely might want to have the option to be around people or work in an office setting every once in a while. This will allow people who can't go into their company's office to have a workspace while being surrounded by people who are also working.

8. Meet and Greet

It can also be a place where people who are new to the community can come and meet people. It never hurts to know your neighbors, but it can be hard to meet people in a new city. People can share their skills and hobbies and create a community that cares for and helps each other.

Empty Conference Room

You don't want your empty conference room to go to waste when it has so much potential. As you can see, there are many office design ideas that you can choose from.

From hosting community events to breakfast snacks, there are ways to bring people together and possibly make some extra money. If you have design ideas or need help converting your conference room contact us. We've helped many people put their space to good use, and we can help you too.

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