Modern Conference Room Chairs (The 7 Most Popular Styles)

August 9, 2022

By Workspace Resource

It's been said that you can take the measure of a conference room just by examining the quality of its chairs.

So a conference room filled with plush, ergonomic executive chairs sends quite a different message than one stacked with low-quality, plastic seats. Modern conference rooms come in many different styles these days, and the same can be said for modern conference room chairs.

What message do you want your conference room to send? There’s a style of office chairs for virtually any workspace, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular.

1. Ergonomic Office Chairs

The best modern conference room chairs are those that provide comfort while promoting better posture and health.

So it makes sense to start off our list of the best office chairs with ergonomic chairs. These chairs are designed with the comfort and support of users in mind, which is why they’re perfect for modern conference rooms.

The very first ergonomic chair, the Ergon Chair, was designed by William Stumpf in 1976, and was a sensation. Since then, these seats have become extremely popular for conference room brainstorming sessions. Designed to improve posture and blood circulation, and optimized for comfort, ergonomic office chairs are ideal for virtually every conference room.  

2. Leather Chairs

Leather chairs are an old standby for conference rooms—in fact, it’s safe to say that the earliest conference room chairs were of the leather type.

Given the versatility of the material, it’s no surprise that leather was incorporated into modern conference room chair designs. After all, leather chairs communicate a sense of authority and respectability, to say nothing of sophistication. Best of all, they can complement just about any modern conference room design.

Leather conference chairs come in several different types. Polyurethane leather, or faux leather, gives the appearance of real leather but at a cheaper cost. Bonded leather is another cheaper alternative, but is less durable. Finally, genuine leather is the real deal, but is by far the most expensive option.

3. Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are more of a variation on the standard theme of the modern conference chair. They’re designed to be opulent and luxurious—expect to see these seats in the high-end conference rooms of topfloor corporate big-wigs.

The design of executive chairs is imposing and sophisticated, with high backs, sumptuous upholstery, and incorporates expensive wood and genuine leather materials. Naturally, executive chairs often come in the best ergonomic styles, since there’s no reason opulent furniture can’t be combined with comfortable designs.

Some even include extras—including messaging features and the ability to recline, for that added touch of decadent comfort.

4. Active Sitting Chairs

Active sitting is a fairly new concept, and the use of these chairs may not be ideal for every conference room.

Active sitting chairs are designed to promote healthy movement and activity even while one is seated. In short, these chairs are designed with unstable seats or bases, which leads to greater instability in the active sitting chair.

That may sound a little uncomfortable—and that’s the idea. It forces the chair’s occupant to move around more and engage different sets of muscles. Active sitting chairs aren’t for every conference room, but are perfect for more casual and less formal settings.

Examples of active sitting chairs include the Core Chair, or “stability balls” like the unusual Zenergy ball chair. Modern conference room chairs, it's safe to say, don’t get much more modern than active sitting chairs.  

5. Mesh Chairs

Mesh chairs may not be the most extravagant option when it comes to office chairs, but they’re popular for a reason.

For one thing, they offer excellent breathability and are reasonably comfortable. As the name suggests, the backrest is lined with a net-like fabric to improve air flow and help prevent sweating. It’s just another way to make the experience of brainstorming in a conference room that much more comfortable.

Naturally, many mesh chairs are also combined with ergonomic features, such as cushioned seats, lumbar support, and design elements to help improve blood circulation.  

6. High-Backed Chairs

High-backed and larger-sized conference room chairs provide spacious support and comfort to larger and taller individuals.

For one thing, the high backs on these chairs can accommodate just about anyone, and the same goes for their weight capacity. The construction of these chairs is also a plus, because they are heavier duty and wider to adjust to the very largest of frames.

High-backed chairs also come with ergonomic features and adjustments. That includes thicker padding, higher seat adjustments, and a host of design features to provide greater support.

7. Egg Chairs

Finally, we shouldn’t overlook one of the more unusual types of modern conference room chairs.

The curious “egg chair” has a shape that fits its name, and has a thoroughly modern pedigree—it was designed in 1958 by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Egg chairs have high, curved backs that support the occupant’s body and provide a measure of privacy as well. Padded seats, armrests, and the ability to swivel are just a few of the additional features of these chairs.

Egg chairs may not be suitable for every conference room, but these comfortable and unusual seats may be just the thing for modern conference rooms that are less formal and more idiosyncratic.  

Take Your Meetings to the Next Level With These Modern Conference Room Chairs

There’s no reason why a conference room should be dull and full of uncomfortable seating.

The first step is to find modern conference room chairs that suit the vibe and aesthetic of your meeting room. Whether it’s a luxurious executive chair, or something ergonomic and comfortable, or an active sitting chair that keeps you moving, there’s a style out there for every conference room.

If you’re looking to transform your conference room with stylish new chairs, Workspace Resource has everything you need. Contact us today, and we’ll help you redesign your office into a workspace masterpiece.

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