13 Killer Office Design Ideas For Small Business

August 2, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Even if you're short on space, you don't need to compromise on style or utility when planning an efficient and stylish small-business office interior design. There are a plethora of office decorating ideas for setting up a small company office that is both functional and visually appealing. Take a gander at these office design ideas for small businesses. 

Use An Open Floor Plan

An open-plan office layout appeals to startups and small businesses on the rise. Compared to a complete build-out, it creates a buzzing, collaborative environment for a fraction of the cost. However, open office design has sometimes been shown to harm productivity.

Employees complain about excessive noise and a lack of privacy in an open workplace. Ensuring a successful transition to an open office environment means addressing these main challenges upfront and introducing covered areas or hybrid solutions.

Pick Space-Efficient Furniture

A well-placed piece of office furniture might seem to take up less room than it does. Small workplaces benefit greatly from multi-purpose furniture, as it helps to reduce the amount of small furniture that has to be stored. Also, smaller tables and desk chairs on wheels that can be pushed together during periods of cooperation and then pulled apart later for separate work are preferable to larger tables and office chairs that are set in place.

How to make a small office look bigger? Putting huge pieces of furniture close to the walls also increases open space. If you're going to scale down your furniture to match the size of your workplace, you'll need to free up these areas to create the illusion of a larger room.

Additionally, a window that is not obscured and a clear view of the workplace provide a sense of openness. For working spaces with clear glass walls that look out at the metropolis, transparent and open furniture is a good idea. They exude a relaxed, breezy vibe.

Make Rooms Flexible

You no longer have to devote a specific area of your workspace to a single purpose. It is possible to design your office's workplaces to serve several objectives, whether fast meetings with team members or private meditation spaces for those that need quiet.

Embrace Remote Work And "Hoteling"

As hybrid and remote work becomes more commonplace and less of an exception, companies need easy ways to divide up in office space.

Office hoteling lets employees and contractors quickly reserve space ahead of time, so they don't have to worry about finding an open desk when they get to the office. Hotel desks are a simple solution when small business office space is limited.

Declutter With Smart Storage

Employees of smart offices can space under the desks to good use. Set up movable pedestals under the tables so your employees can easily handle their supplies. One way to maximize vertical space is to get a workstation with extra shelves and storage above it. To give people more room to move about, consider choosing tall and narrow lockers to make the most of the available vertical space. 

Choose A Space With Natural Light

A well-designed workplace will almost always have enough lighting as one of its most significant features. If you don't have the correct lighting, even the most exciting pieces of furniture, the most stylish color schemes, and the most sophisticated workstations won't be able to bring out their full potential.

Because natural lighting is superior, ensure that your workspace has no obstructions in the way of its windows so that it can get the most natural light. If your windows have blinds, ensure they are open while at work.

Steer clear of using bright fluorescent lights in places with little natural light. Instead, lamps and indirect lighting give off a soft glow that makes an area more appealing to work in since it is cozier and more comfortable.

For workplace productivity, good lighting is a game-changer. To keep staff content and engaged, ensure your workplace is well-lit, whether with natural or high-quality artificial lighting. 

Use Light Colors

While not the most crucial factor when contemplating small office design ideas for business, colors are nonetheless significant. Your workplace should be spacious and bright. Darker colors will visually constrict the small office space, making it seem smaller and more crowded than it is. Lighter hues will have the opposite impact and might evoke a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

For the most outstanding results, stick to beige, light grey, and pastel tints of any primary color. This rule applies to your office's walls, window coverings, and furniture.

With accessories like paper trays, garbage cans, and desk organizers, you can add some deeper colors.

Decorate With Restraint

Mementos can jolt employees into action and get them excited about getting things done. Letting them add a few personal touches to their workspace might help them feel more connected to their job, but only if done sparingly. They may still design their workspace to pique their aesthetic side while avoiding taking up precious desk space with stuff they don't usually use. Enable them to choose personal objects that spur them on to accomplish their goals. 

Decorate your office with an office plant, a desktop calendar, or a picture of your children and pets to help keep your focus throughout the work week.

Remove Doors (When Practical)

When it comes to safety and seclusion, nothing beats a good door. If a small office space doesn't need either, consider eliminating the door to allow unfettered mobility and clear lines of sight. 

Wall Mount When Possible

It is best to put your monitor on an adjustable arm to maximize your desk space, enabling you to move it out of the way whenever you need more room. Clamp-on monitor arms come in a wide variety of designs and styles. It's also an option to permanently conserve desk space by mounting your monitor to the wall if your workstation is against one.

To that end, a TV wall mount is the best method to make the most of your small office space if you have one. An articulated mount, like your monitor, enables you to tilt, swivel, and rotate the screen so that the TV can be seen from any angle in the workplace. It is easy to put it away after you're done viewing.

Utilize Glass

Move over standing desks, you can also transform small spaces with the use of glass workstations. Since a desk is the centerpiece of an office, you want to ensure you like working at it for many years.

Glass desks offer the appearance of greater space and direct the viewer's gaze elsewhere in the room rather than being focused on a single enormous piece of furniture that may be overpowering in a tiny area. A cable management system is all that is needed after. 

Go For A Modern And Minimalist Design

Research reveals that a minimalist desk layout is key in enhancing workers' creativity and reducing mental barriers and a minimalist workplace design is regarded to be a vital influence on productivity. In addition, a minimalist office costs less, and the space needed for a minimalist, modern office is also small, so the space is used to its fullest potential. 

Plan The Layout

Something that has always functioned or been done a certain way might undergo change. You don't have to adhere to the traditional office arrangement to operate a small business. Your staff and you will benefit if you make the necessary adjustments.

Office layouts that are well-thought-out boost productivity, energize the environment and decrease commotion. Bottlenecks are a major concern for small firms, and setting up zones may be a practical approach to combat this problem.

For example, place all high-traffic needs near the entrance (supply closets, kitchen, meeting spaces). High-traffic places feel crowded; putting them at the back of the office will create traffic through your floor plan.

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