Top Trends in Office Design for 2023

June 29, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Interior design is expected to become a $255 billion industry globally by the year 2027. People think about residential interior design, but it pays off just as much when you focus on your office design.

A business owner needs to understand which design changes work. Studying the office design trends of the day will help you make your workplace an amazing place to do business.

Which trends will be big in 2023 and beyond? We're happy to explain. Here are some things you should know about getting the most from your office design.

Offices Are Going With Open Layouts

In 2022 and 2023, you have to go with the type of layout that helps people collaborate. Millennials prefer engagement and fulfillment in their jobs today more than previous generations. Perhaps this is why open layouts are so popular for companies today.

Here are some reasons that companies are going with open layouts right now:

Open layouts are among the best office design ideas that you can take advantage of. Professionals will appreciate the space to move around, along with the decorative freedom to set things up however you'd like.

Businesses Are Going Eco-Friendly

Companies today are also making eco-friendly selections when designing their offices. This is the standard in 2022, and you can expect it to continue into 2023 and long after.

Eco-friendly decisions save your company money and eliminate waste. You'll have cleaner air and will get a better handle on the water, gas, and electricity that you use. Here are some of the eco-friendly decisions you can make with your office design:

Choose Energy Star Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, since they're 6% more energy efficient than traditional systems. Make decisions for your home that will make your building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified so that your office is clean and high-tech.

Consider Some Color Scheme Options

Focus on color schemes when you're looking for office design inspiration. Think about your company's mission statement and personality, and what kind of color scheme will create the appearance you're looking for.

These color schemes are great options for your office:

Reach out to interior designers that can show you different color options, and figure out what's best for your office building.

Companies Are Hiring Interior Designers

Hiring an office interior design professional will help you revamp your office. These pros understand the latest trends, how they improve your workflow, and how to build more equity in your office.

A designer might cost you approximately $100 per hour to $500 per hour. Many companies today are using interior designers to get the latest styles and to improve company culture.

They will offer advice on everything from the furniture that you buy to the way that you arrange your company's floorplan and layout. Here are some other benefits of working with a professional interior design company:

Look into an interior designer's featured projects to get a feel for their specialty and areas of focus. Schedule a consultation with them so that you come away with solid steps that will help you maximize value from your interior design.

Modern Tech Is Essential

Today's office designs need to keep modern tech and communication in mind. The world is working remotely now, so you need a few different virtual meeting spaces that people can use for video chats and other forms of modern communication.

Outfit your meeting rooms with plenty of large screens and a professionally installed audio system. Create stations for device hookups, install charging stations, and invest in quality hardware and software. Companies today are also building their own servers to communicate more effectively and protect their data and information.

Personal Touches Are In Vogue

Always focus on the things that make your company unique. Add the personal touches needed to make people feel that they're part of a special team that's going in the right direction.

Personalize your walls with photos and artwork that mean something to your company, and give your employees a say in certain decorative upgrade decisions.

Improve Your  Office Design

Handling your office design will make your workplace a joy for people to earn their living. You can apply these tips regardless of what kind of business you run, or how much square footage you're looking for.

You have to love where you work if you're running a business that people will love showing up to each day. Let us help you design your office with impeccability.

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