5 Reception Area Design Tips [+Examples]

November 4, 2022

By Workspace Resource

There was a time when the reception area was just an afterthought when it came to a company's branding, but now it's a crucial aspect of its image. The traditional welcome desk has given way to a more open, efficient, and friendly reception area design. In addition to being the first point of interaction with your brand, this area may serve as a place for employees to gather for informal meetings, a place to eat, or any combination of these. 

This change calls for careful attention to your brand to ensure it remains distinct. When a client first interacts with a business, it will likely be in the reception office; therefore, it has to visually reflect the brand and offer an experience consistent with the brand. 

It's not simply customers and guests who will appreciate the effort you put into your office lobby's design. Always keep in mind that the first few minutes of the workday will determine the whole mood of your staff. By providing a daily dose of positive reinforcement, your office reception design may help lift morale, inspire, and productivity across the board in your organization.

Reception Area Design Ideas

Pick A Theme

A welcoming space that impresses visitors and shows that the company is committed to its goal is essential. Themes should be acceptable in your line of business. Creating confusion for your guests or potential business partners and investors can leave some harsh impressions, so it's essential to update your office's furniture and decor as needed.

The theme of the office's reception area should be updated to keep up with the times, increasing the return on investment and maintaining good karma. According to the principles of Feng Shui, the right combination of furnishings, color schemes, and design ideas in a space will bring about financial success. Five possible reception area themes for your business are: Japanese-inspired, European themed, Contemporary, Modern World, and Minimalist.  

Invest In Quality Furniture

A lot is riding on first impressions; thus, it's vital to have furnishings, hues, tones, and works of art that all reflect the company's values and ideals.

Cushioned chairs are a must since comfort is the number one concern of guests. They should be stain-resistant and sturdy to withstand heavy use. Also, ensure not to get run-of-the-mill chairs for your furniture. Original, comfortable seating is always recommended. 

In the seating area, artwork is not a must-have. But adorning the walls with beautiful artwork makes the space seem more inviting and adds charm and personality.  

In addition, the hooks for bags, umbrellas, and coats should be high-quality and among the most eye-catching pieces in the reception area. You want them to be highly-functional and stylish, so make sure they're top-notch and sophisticated. 

The lobby may be modified to suit guests' needs with special requirements. For example, the front desk layout may be adjusted to provide room for wheelchairs. The entryway and the receptionist must also be conveniently located for the guests. 

Incorporate Your Brand

Your welcome area is a critical component of your company since it is the first place potential customers will see when they visit your establishment. Guests' eyes are immediately drawn to it as soon as they step foot in your business. A company's entryway must convey its mission and values to visitors right away. Company brand values should be reflected, and a solid first impression should be made.

Visitors may feel you don't value your brand, company, or people if they walk into a space with drab décor, fading furnishings, and peeling paint. For example, if your walls are white, it doesn't reveal anything about your business. Highlight your company's history or featured products on the brand wall behind the office front desk.

Use General Office Design Tips

These timeless office design tips may make workers and customers happier, as well as give you a sense of pride in your workplace.

Click here for office space planning tips. 

Don't Forget About Flooring

Your flooring might come as an afterthought, at least in terms of design, but your reception area will get a lot of traffic and be exposed to mud, snow, and water that gets brought in. Your selection should be both beautiful and stand up to the wear and tear of people entering your office from the elements.

There is no shortage of creative potential when it comes to flooring options like carpet, terrazzo, wood finishes, and luxury vinyl tile.

Think of the floor as a canvas, ready to display greeting, informational, and directional messages. High-performance carpets with built-in LED lights allow users to remotely project images, videos, and even custom messages from tablets and phones.

Office Lobbies And Entryways We Love

Yard House

The reception area for the restaurant franchise Yard House.

Yard House takes cues from its restaurants' decor and employs the same moody color palette and heavy wooden and metal accents. A huge window lets in natural light, and complementary lighting from lamps on the tables and the ceiling creates a soothing ambiance. Their video wall is a great way to promote their restaurants or get important information out.

A greener headquarters was a goal for Yard House. They use recycled materials in their carpets and only sustainable, non-toxic wood in their flooring. They also utilized drought-resistant plants. In addition, they urged everyone in the office to use their own reusable cups.


Accent wall behind the reception desk at Audubon.

The front desk at Audubon is a model of simplicity and elegance. Its office reception wall design is the main attraction, not the desk. It's a terrific technique to direct traffic and draw attention to the brand.

Most of the wood used in their workplace is recycled or FSC-certified, meaning it was harvested responsibly. More specifically, walnut trees that had fallen in the Hudson Western, Pennsylvania, and the Hudson River Valley were used to make furniture. The walls also use reclaimed material from barn siding. On the backdrop the company logo is prominently displayed in a shiny metal material.


Neon lights in the shape of the red bull logo in their corporate office welcome area.

Red Bull's office reception area is illuminated with its iconic emblem. Metal, wood, glass, and jolts of vibrant color all work together to convey the energetic spirit of their drinks.

Red Bull's Cape Town headquarters is where the company's business operations take place, but it also serves as a symbol of the passion and vitality of the company, its employees, and the athletes and thought leaders who use Red Bull daily to realize their goals and potential. Red Bull's athletic, musical, and artistic ambassadors and other cultural opinion leaders provided material for the design.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Wooden clad lobby at the Sweet Leaf Tea corporate offices.

Sweet Leaf Tea's reception has the look and feel of a convenience shop rather than an office foyer. The use of wood throughout their designs symbolizes their commitment to using only natural materials and methods in their manufacturing processes. The interior design and construction team working with Sweet Leaf aimed to incorporate the company's laid-back and eclectic vibe into the space's aesthetic. As soon as you walk in, your eyes are drawn to a bespoke display case that does a great job of showcasing its products.

As you can tell, the reception area isn't just a place to check people in. It is the face of your office, the first interaction with most people, and a way to make visitors feel welcome to your business. If you want to upgrade your front office, or are looking to redesign your entire workspace, let us help you create a workspace you love.

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