11 Office Renovation Ideas To Create A Brag-Worthy Office Space

November 30, 2022

By Workspace Resource

We spend a lot of time in the place where we work. But is renovating your office truly worth it?

In this article, we’ll look at some key reasons why your answer to that question may be a resounding “yes.” We’ll also suggest some creative renovation ideas to build your concept around. And we’ll wrap up by talking about the concrete steps you can take to get a renovation in motion.

Why Renovate Your Office?

Creating a new design in your workspace obviously requires some investment. From office renovation costs to time considerations, it can be a bit intimidating. However, the truth is that a good office is worth a lot more than simple bragging rights. Here are some concrete ways that elevating your office can help elevate your company and your career.

Attract Better Talent

In today’s economy, many talented workers have options as to where they will provide their services. If you want to attract the best and brightest to your organization, you will obviously need a competitive offer in terms of compensation and benefits. Beyond those universal considerations, the quality and comfort of your workspace can also play a role in the decision potential employees make.

If you were looking for work and received two similar offers from similar companies, which would you accept:

Adapt to the Post-Pandemic World

Post Pandemic office design has evolved with people’s tastes, concerns, and unique situations. Here are a few of the most commonly seen updates due to Covid-19:

Impress Potential Clients

Just as your potential employees are evaluating your workspace, so are potential clients and partners who you invite in. Projecting an image of a vibrant, creative, modern company with office space to match certainly holds value, especially in certain industries and niches.

Improve Productivity

Office space isn’t just about aesthetics and “projecting an image,” of course. It also has real, practical implications for the work that we perform every day. If your team is struggling to focus on their work in an environment with frequent phone calls, you may wish to redesign to a space that offers more acoustic privacy. On the other hand, if your team needs to collaborate more in order to be successful, you may wish to add more common spaces to increase time spent together. Helping your employees be more productive could even be as simple as just adding ergonomic furniture!

Attain Energy Efficiency

Some outdated features are more than just ugly -- they can cost you money and harm the environment! If your heating, cooling, plumbing, or windows are extremely old or failing, then a renovation could be a financial no-brainer. Of course, even relatively modern buildings can sometimes benefit and see cost reduction by adding more up-to-date features.

Boost Comfort and Retainment

Why not enjoy your workplace to the fullest? Updating design and making your office more comfortable can help improve your day-to-day life, which may even lead to better retention among your employees and any clients who spend time in your place of business.

Bring Your Creative Vision to Life

There is certainly some value in turning your office into the perfect backdrop for your organization. If your brand is all about being high-tech and modern, for example, a sleek, smart design can set the right tone for all your meetings, brainstorming sessions, and collaboration.

Office Remodel Ideas to Build On

Now that we’ve covered some of the top reasons to renovate your office, let’s dive into some of the specific goals and outcomes you may want to aim for when planning your renovation.

1. Let More Light In

Is your office getting enough natural light? Humans tend to feel more energetic, productive, and positive when they get more exposure to sunlight, which means increasing natural daylight is almost never a bad idea. Remodeling office space provides a chance to do just this if you so choose.

2. Update the HVAC

We mentioned the importance of airflow and ventilation earlier, which is a good reason to consider updating or replacing your HVAC system. This can sometimes offer the added benefits of energy efficiency and a more comfortable office environment!

3. Consider Acoustic Furniture

Dealing with sound in a shared office space can be quite the challenge -- especially in the post-pandemic world where zoom calls and online collaboration are at an all-time high. Fortunately, there are tons of great furniture options out there that can help. From private booths to shell chairs, there are a variety of designs tailored to solve this exact issue!  

4. Add Creative Partitions

Sound isn’t the only element of privacy worth considering. Many offices could also benefit from creative visual dividers. From plants to large furniture to artwork, you may wish to find ways to create more distinct, discrete spaces within the big picture of your office.

5. Use More Color

From adding an accent wall to completely reimagining the palette of your office space, there is a whole spectrum of changes you could make. Not only is updating the color scheme a major mood changer, but it’s also relatively simple, straightforward, and affordable!

6. Widen Walkways

This is a good example of how companies can adapt to post-pandemic office layouts. While overly close quarters have always been unpopular, they are particularly frustrating when trying to social distance. Another strategy is to implement a one-way flow of foot traffic through the building.

7. Increase Storage to Decrease Clutter

One of the best office remodeling ideas is to add amenities that have been lacking. And a common complaint is that there is not enough storage space to go around. By providing more space for neat, orderly storage, you can improve the overall level of organization throughout the building.

8. Incorporate “Living Space”

There’s no doubt that remote work and hybrid work setups are more common than ever, and are likely here to stay. The end result is that many offices have fewer total people using the space at any given time. Some companies have responded to this shift by replacing some work-oriented spaces with areas to relax, socialize, eat, and just chill. By providing living spaces like this, you can help employees counter stress, re-center, and ultimately be more productive and happier on the job.

9. Got Plants?

Renovations can be a good opportunity to redecorate. And one simple but impactful way to create a vibrant, pleasant atmosphere is to add indoor plants. From small potted plants to more substantial centerpieces, there are a wide variety of office plant options to choose from.

10. Provide Bike Storage

Bicycling is growing in popularity. So if your office has extra space in the wake of the remote work revolution, you may wish to provide storage space for your employees. The relevancy of this idea will obviously vary from company to company, but if you’ve noticed that you have employees who are arriving on bikes, then this change could be welcomed quite positively.

11. Build with Furnishing in Mind

From a functional point of view, the furniture in your office defines the experience that you and your employees will have at work. Finding the right furniture for your team’s unique needs and style of work is crucial. You will also want to shape the rooms and spaces where work is done to accommodate any new furniture you will be ordering as part of your renovation job.

How to Get Started

Have a few office renovation ideas in mind? Here are a few office renovation tips on how to get your project up and running.

Choose the Right Scope

While we’ve laid out a wide range of potential ideas, it's important to realize that not every renovation needs to be a total overhaul. You can always start by making a few of the most impactful changes, or by re-imagining your workspace one room at a time. Rightsizing the project to your needs, attention, and budget is always a smart move.

Get Feedback from the Team

Reshaping your office will impact everyone who works there, so it’s a good idea to solicit feedback from everyone. There could be updates, ideas, and improvements you’ve never thought of that your team would be thrilled to see.

Do Your Homework

You’re clearly on the right track if you’ve made it this far in this article. Be sure to educate yourself thoroughly on all the renovation options at your disposal, as well as the different pros and cons of each office layout style.

Enjoy the Process

As we mentioned earlier, redesigning your office is a chance to bring a creative vision to life and set the tone for all the work that goes on in your organization. It’s a big task but a fulfilling one, so be sure to enjoy the ride!

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