Crafting An Outdoor Workspace Employee's Will Love

January 4, 2023

By Workspace Resource

Employers that provide their workers access to outdoor areas will find them less stressed, more engaged in their job, and more productive throughout the day. The presence of plants has a calming effect similar to that of cats, dogs, and other pets. Furthermore, providing quiet, stress-free green spaces away from work and the typical corporate or home office environment can help employees relax, which in turn may lead to better decision-making and more creative problem-solving.

People spend around 90% of their time inside. No wonder we get eye strain! Having access to outside areas provides a welcome change of pace. People prefer to take a break and enjoy the outdoors if they can access beautiful outdoor locations.

Workers enjoy the chance to stretch or exercise, as well as a change in environment that initiates the desired effects of breaks in the brain. Taking breaks within long working hours has several advantages, but taking them al fresco can guarantee your body rests. Additionally, if you feel like you need to work at the office outside because you're developing a cold and can't go home yet, you may do so.

A new outdoor work area is a nice perk for any employee, but this should not be at the expense of productivity. Sound, battery life and protection of devices, seating, shade, wireless internet, and privacy should all be considered.

Provide Durable Outdoor Ergonomic Furniture In Your Work Patio Or Home Office

Provide comfortable outdoor furniture made for resisting wear and tear and inclement weather. Take precautions as well to keep the outside area dry and comfortable for workers. Utilize canopies, pop-up awnings, and umbrellas to provide shade. They shield your gadgets from damaging factors like direct sunlight, moisture, and excessive heat.

Like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture should be adaptable and versatile. Include pieces of furniture for people who need space to work alone and for people to get together for a meeting or conversation.

One option is the traditional wicker chair or Adirondack chair outfitted with a footrest. These chairs are a great outdoor home office idea for solitary creative brainstorming, perhaps while looking out on a water feature.

If workers need extra back support, cushions and throw pillows work great. When coworking, benches, sofas, large outdoor dining tables, and private booths are excellent outdoor workspace ideas. Finish off your backyard office design with an outdoor rug.

A folding deck table for the deck or patio is an excellent investment when space is at a premium in a small workplace. Employees can quickly unfold and secure it to the rooftop deck. This sets up a sturdy table to place your laptop in and folds away neatly when you're done. Plus, it pairs well with an accent chair or a stool!

Standing desks are the best option if you're working on being healthier. It's vital that the table is at the right height for people to stand around it comfortably. You may purchase a totally detached one that you can place wherever you choose.

To sum it up, water-resistant and collapsible or retractable outdoor furniture that one can easily carry are all must-haves. Use sunshades and coverings to withstand rain and keep other elements at bay. 

No one likes to sit in filthy conditions; thus, cleaning and disinfecting office furniture often are essential. Finally, consider installing glass partitions to facilitate communication between workers within and outside the building. 

Forget The Extension Cord: Go For Portable Power & Wireless Internet Access In Your Backyard Office

It's a given that you'll need to provide power and internet access in your outdoor office space. Even if there are solutions such as outside power outlets and extension cables, power banks and similar portable power stations are usually the most convenient, especially if you can charge multiple devices with them.

As for the internet, you can get some work done by taking your laptop and utilizing the mobile hotspot on your company phone. However, you need a strong Wi-Fi signal if your job requires extensive file downloads and you often participate in Zoom meetings. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot will be more helpful if you participate in several online conferences each month. Mobile phone signal boosters and Wi-Fi extenders are essential for enhancing your "working from outdoors" setup.

Moving Your Work Al Fresco Necessitates Avoiding The Public Glare

Having as much privacy as possible is crucial. This is paramount if your business shares outdoor space with another firm. Working outdoors might lead to inadvertently disclosing sensitive information, so you should take precautions. 

You can make private spaces or nooks in the fresh air by installing outdoor barriers, secluded patios, enclosures, and other features. You can use landscaping elements such as hedges and potted plants to divide off an area visually and use water features or outside speakers to create a droning white noise.

One alternative would be a private office pod (if money were no issue). They prioritize solitude and restrict how much others can see rather than being open with plenty of glass panels that provide a view of the outside.

This is a viable choice if employees need silence or isolation to do their work. They may take your breaks in comfort and privacy thanks to the high level of security often found in privacy pods. Some establishments provide customizable privacy pods to meet specific needs. If you care deeply about privacy, give this some thought.

Shady Spot: Protect Employees And Assets From The Elements In Your Outdoor Workspace

Sunburns, heat exhaustion, and even skin cancer are just a few problems that may arise from workers being out in the sun too much. Not to mention the high temperatures that can damage valuable electronics. Taking the proper precautions against the sun's damaging rays and heat is essential.

Experts recommend using the outside workspace when UV rays are not at their peak (between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.). If employees must work while UV rays are at their strongest, sun protection should include things like trees, umbrellas, patio overhangs, and fans. Make sure people can quickly get their hands on sunglasses, protective gear, and sunscreen. Promote regular water breaks and maintain a steady supply of ice water.

It's scientifically proven that the sun will damage electrical devices, so store them in a cool, shady spot. If workers leave their computer screens in the sun too much, the LCDs may degrade, and their gadgets will break down sooner than expected.

Install A Beautiful Outdoor Office Shed On Your Deck Or Patio

If you want to make your outside area into a productive office, you must provide employees with a space to store supplies. Placing large outdoor cabinets will save workers time and effort by eliminating the need to repack and bring in each day's items. You can stock it with workday supplies, including highlighters, staplers, flash drives, and tape. Distribute keys and assign each worker the task of keeping the station organized and free of clutter.

Look for ways to maximize the potential of an outdoor station. You can stock a key-locked refrigerator for outdoor use with beverages or put a sink for basic hygiene, such as washing hands.

Want More Outdoor Office Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Office Setup?

If you've been moving your work to an indoor space or working from home this winter, it would be refreshing to step outside once the weather warms up. Ensure you have everything you need to be effective when working either indoor or outdoor. Although having a reliable outdoor patio heater can make things cozier and may be a godsend for those who want to work outside when it's chilly.

Aside from the five tips above, incorporating a water feature will give you a place that's more attractive, and the sound of trickling water may soothe your workers' thoughts and help them be ready to handle even the most arduous jobs.

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