Private Office Desks: What Size Desk to Put in Your Private Office

June 15, 2022

By Workspace Resource

The average American worker spends 1,757 hours a year at work. That's a lot of time spent in your office!

Your private office should be a sanctuary. It should offer both comfort and practicality while offering an atmosphere of productivity.

Your private office desks, chairs, and bookcases should be of good quality to ensure they'll last a long time.

If you're trying to furnish your private office and don't know where to start, we've got all of the information you'll need to get started.

Essentials You Need for Your Private Office Design

Whether your private office is in the workplace or at home, your office essentials will be the same.

The first thing you'll need to do is find the essential furniture for your private office. Without these items, your office space won't feel or look complete.

The most important pieces you'll need in your office are a desk, chair, and a lamp. Another important necessity should be a file cabinet or organizational bins to keep your important documents.

If you don't need a file cabinet, opt for a bookcase that can hold your books, instead.

The essentials in your office should be of good quality and coordinate with your office style and designs.

If your office is a large enough space to accommodate more furniture, you can add a comfortable reading chair and ottoman.

In an office, less is more. Other than your essential furnished items, you shouldn't clutter your office with too much else.

Allow enough space in your office to walk around. Don't clutter it with furniture or knick-knacks that will make it look overwhelming or messy.

What to Know About Private Office Desks

Your desk is the most important part of your private office. Your office desk features should accommodate your needs and what you prefer.

When purchasing a desk, there are multiple aspects of the desk to keep in mind.


Office desk sizes can range depending on the practical aspects of the desk. Finding the right size is mainly determined by the size of the office itself. The space in private offices may limit the size of your desk, so be sure to measure your office before deciding on size.

The typical size of a modern office desk should be around 20 x 30 inches. This gives you enough room on your desk for your monitor, laptop, keyboard, lamp, and other important items.

Office Layout

The office layout is also important. Where should your desk be concerning the windows or doors?

Be sure to keep windows either to the size of your desk or in front. This will keep the glare off of your computer monitor or laptop screen.

Don't cramp yourself in your office by putting the desk in a far corner. Leave enough room for it to feel spacious by placing it in the center of a part of the room.

A desk in the center of the room can feel awkward, so try to keep it around the 1/3 mark of the office.


It's important to find a quality office desk that is still well within your budget. An average desk can cost anywhere between $350 to $800.

It's important to spend the money on a durable desk, but there are quality desks you can purchase without breaking the bank.

No matter your budget, it's possible to find the right desk for your private office.


There are plenty of office desk features to choose from that will fit your needs. For example, the standard size and shape of a desk can be perfect for any office.

However, there are other designs to choose from. For example, your office layout could allow for an L-shaped desk. An L-shaped desk offers two surfaces for your items.

An L-shaped desk may be perfect if you have two computer monitors, or need a lot of surface space. It can also work for an office that doesn't have a lot of space.

This desk can ensure you have enough room without taking up too much space. It would also be perfect if you want your desk to be in the corner of your room.

Another design option could be a standing desk. This desk can raise to accommodate your height while standing, as well as while sitting. This would be perfect if you sit for long periods at work.


Another aspect of an office desk to keep in mind is storage. Storage is essential if your office can't accommodate a bookshelf or file cabinet, or you don't have a lot of surface area on your desk.

Drawers on the side of the desk or the middle can be an easy way to store office supplies, important papers, and other office essentials.

If storage is a necessity for your office, be sure to choose a desk with enough drawers.

Other Office Decoration Ideas

Of course, what is a private office without decorations that make you feel like it's your own!

If your private office can allow space for a reading chair and a standing lamp, these are great options to make your office personable.

Having a chair and standing lamp can also be practical by offering a place for you to work away from your desk.

Another office decoration could be an abstract painting or a beautiful picture to hang above or near your desk. Adding touches of art can make your office feel more cozy and comfortable.

Plants are another popular decoration addition to your office. Whether they're real or fake, they can make your office feel more homely. This can help you enjoy your office so much more.

Design Your Perfect Office

By adding personal touches and ensuring you have all of your office essentials, your private office can be a comfortable and cozy place to work. This can boost your productivity while in the office.

Private office desks should be the most important and practical part of your office. From there, you can find other furniture that meets your needs.

If you're not sure where to start with designing, you can contact a consultant for more information and assistance.

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