Reception Area Furniture Ideas: How To Make Your Space More Welcoming

August 5, 2022

By Workspace Resource

As the economy opens, more and more offices are preparing to welcome back their employees. Executives, in particular, are more than giddy to embrace the return of onsite labor. From refurbishing and adding safety health precautions, offices are going all out to ensure a safe back-to-work set-up!

How about yours? Is your reception area ready to accommodate onsite employees and clients?

If not, we’re here to help. Here are a few reception area furniture ideas that can help welcome your visitors!

The Less Traffic, the Better

There’s nothing worse than showing up for an appointment and having no idea how to get around. This could become a turn-off for newcomers looking to try your product or services. In like manner, it can also tire your previous clients and encourage them to shift to your competitor.

Hence, you want your guest to navigate the reception area without encountering inconveniences. Some inconveniences that guests can encounter in the reception area include a big coffee table in the middle of inadequately arranged chairs. It could also be that your indoor passage area is too narrow.

The key to resolving this problem lies in your layout design. Make sure that they can enter and exit without worrying about traffic. This leads to the question, what is the best way to design a reception area so that it can accommodate foot traffic?

For small offices, arrange your reception area furniture in a manner that they’re accessible. You can use the L-shaped layout on 90-degree corners. This layout not only maximizes the corner space but also allows visitors to move freely.

Meanwhile, spacious offices are better off laying out their reception area so there’s a separate entrance and exit area.

Light It Up!

Aside from fixing the layout, one should ensure the reception area is properly lit. Note that lighting can affect the health of your guests and employees.

For one, dimly lit reception areas can cause eyestrain, headache, and fatigue. This, in turn, can increase stress levels and affect the mood of an individual. This is why it’s important to brighten your reception area with proper lighting fixtures.

Your reception area’s lighting can create an ambiance that can enhance the mood of your visitors. Soft bright lights, for instance, can help create an upbeat but calm office setting. This can make your reception area appear lively but not to the extent that it’s tiring.

Meanwhile, installing warm lights can make your reception area feel more “homey.” It gives off the impression of a friendly, family-oriented company.

If you have windows in your reception area, take advantage of that and let natural light come in. Sunshine can make small areas appear bigger. However, if your office is at the building’s center with no access to natural light, overhead lighting is the way.

Move Away from Traditional Reception Desks

The focal point of a reception area is the reception desk. A good reception desk should be accessible to guests and very visible from the doorstep.

Traditional reception desks have an elevated front so that they can conceal confidential documents. They’re also usually big so that they can accommodate necessities such as computers.

Further, guests often remain standing as they talk to the receptionists.

However, these traditional concepts may no longer apply to modern reception areas.

Nowadays, it’s best to work over a reception desk that allows eye-level communication. This helps make receptionists appear more approachable. There are also a lot of minimalist desks that come with matching seats to choose from.

Comfortable Seating Makes a Welcoming Space

Another way to make your reception area more welcoming is to ensure that your seats are comfortable. Most modern offices, for instance, feature couches, cushioned benches, and armed love seats.

In choosing seating furniture for the reception area, remember to consider the age and size of your visitors. It’s also important to factor in what type of upholstery is more practical.

Engineered fabrics are more durable. Meanwhile, vinyl seating is cost-effective because they’re easy. Vinyl is also resistant to urine and sulfide and less prone to stain and bacteria build-up.

Aside from the seats themselves, you should also pay attention to their arrangement. Interspacing various seating can add a dynamic feel to your reception area.

For example, mixing individual cube chairs with cushioned benches creates a funky atmosphere. Meanwhile, you can pair Nordic-style single-seaters in front of a coffee table to encourage friendly communication among your visitors.

If you want to be a bit more experimental, hipster-style reception areas are a trend. This is especially so for offices that mainly deal with teenagers and kids. A few lazy loungers on the corners or between decors can make your reception area feel cozier.

Mind the Colors Within Your Reception Area

Successful branding leads to increased brand awareness and, inevitably, sales. Branding is the process of associating concepts with your product or services. The key to this marketing strategy lies in consistency.

From products, price tags, as well as office designs, you need to collaborate with your brand. One way to do this is to follow a color theme. Select a color or two that best represents your brand and use it as a basis in choosing your furniture.

If your brand includes warm colors such as orange, for example, you can keep an orange center table. You can also highlight your brand color by contrasting it with neutral-colored furniture.

Sprinkle Your Reception Area with a Dash of Decor

Boost the overall vibe in your reception area using decors. Pick things that complement your reception design as well as cater to your clients.

For instance, you can add an aquarium of exotic fish or a set of reading materials in your reception area. You can also give your visitors something interesting to view by displaying artworks.

Other reception area furniture ideas that can serve as a great décor include indoor plants and hanging mirrors.

Realizing Reception Area Furniture Ideas with Workspace Resource

Think of your reception area as the face of your business; you need to dress it well for a great impression. If you do it right, the impression you leave can help maintain, if not increase, your clientele. Do remember, however, to put your visitors at the center when designing your reception area.

Running out of fresh reception area furniture ideas for your office? Leave the design to our capable hands! Get in touch with us today, and let us make your workplace a welcoming paradise.

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