5 Brilliant Small Office Waiting Area Design Ideas

September 29, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Waiting areas are often the guest's first impression of your workspace. Here are 5 ideas to make them stand out!The waiting area is the first point of contact for guests, so it's essential for office managers and small business owners to create a good impression.

The layout of a small office reception area presents unique interior design challenges. If you want your small office reception design to seem warm and inviting despite its modest size, you'll need to be thoughtful about how you design it and the lobby furniture and décor you pick. Even a limited space may seem welcoming with the right small office waiting area ideas. Maximizing the potential of office waiting rooms and lounge areas requires a minimalist office interior design scheme.  

Good news: you don't have to figure this out alone! Read on for some excellent waiting room decor ideas in creating a welcoming lobby.

Think About The Flow Of Traffic

Guests need to know exactly where to enter and depart a small waiting area, so keep that in mind when setting things up. Having no clue where to go when you arrive at your appointment is a sure way to throw off your visitors right off the bat. Ensuring there isn't a backlog in the waiting space is a top priority, and having a dedicated exit will help things go even more smoothly. Make sure visitors are guided without having to backtrack or bump into other guests. 

There will be foot traffic in and out of the building, whether it be due to people leaving or deliveries. One comfortable reception area design idea is to ensure that the queue of individuals waiting to check in at the reception desk does not obstruct the waiting area. However, from a security standpoint, having the front desk close to the main entrance is preferable.

Think About Wait Times

Think about your busiest time and how many people you may expect to wait. Small waiting room seating options should be just right, falling between having too few and having too many.

The mood you create in the waiting area is also an important aspect. Improving the outlook of individuals who have to wait in a waiting area might be as simple as making it feel comfortable.

  1. Add some class – You don't have to hire a celebrity decorator to make a positive impression on clients. Make sure to use warm background colors, soft lighting, and tasteful artwork. Use soft, well-thought-out furnishings in place of cold, factory-style touches like fluorescent lighting and dull neutrals. Adding some greenery to your space, such as adding plants, may also improve the feel of a waiting room.
  2. Do not scrimp on the comfort of your visitors – It’s bad enough to have to wait, but sitting on an uncomfortable chair or couch creates even more of an unpleasant experience. The waiting room seating design needs to be tried out. Do not buy a chair until you can comfortably sit on it for at least 30 minutes before making a purchasing decision.
  3. Improve as required – Don't keep old, outdated furnishings in a small waiting room design. Begin looking for replacements as soon as items appear ragged or soiled. 

Pick Smart Seating

Discover creative solutions for waiting area seating. Most people won't sit next to one another on a couch unless they're already part of a group. Make do with a few cozy seats or a couple of compact couches. The armrests on some of the longer pieces of furniture make it possible for groups of people to sit together while maintaining some kind of privacy from one another.

Guests will appreciate the flexibility provided by allowing them to rearrange the furniture design. Comfortable and stylish beam seating, as well as moveable stools and ottomans, are all at your disposal.

Use Common Size Tricks

Add A Mirror

If your small office waiting room design is on the small side, make it seem bigger by hanging mirrors. Putting huge mirrors on bare walls and smaller decorative mirrors near waiting room chairs may make a small space seem more spacious.

Position Seating Facing Large Windows

Create a comfy seating area by positioning perhaps a circular, soft ottoman and chairs near the windows. Maybe separate it from the more serious office space with a cozy rug. This setup is adaptable enough for casual client meetings and office conversations. 

Pick A Bright Color Scheme

Brightly colored furniture is a great way to bring color to a small waiting area or living room without giving up neutral walls. Using a modular seating system with blue and turquoise pieces would be brilliant. Choose artwork with color schemes of blue, green, and yellow to lend a little life to the space and make them focal points on the walls. Add a trendy chandelier or a couple of tall lamps as a finishing touch.

Add Lighting To Make The Space Feel Brighter

Another small waiting room idea is to avoid intimidating your visitors with harsh fluorescent lighting. It can make them feel like they will be questioned. Calm their anxieties and eyes with reassuringly comfortable lighting.

Natural light has been displayed to affect individuals profoundly, so try to get it in wherever you can.

Lamps on end tables or coffee tables may be a nice complement to strong overhead lighting. If you want to go this way, ensure your waiting area isn't too dim. Keep in mind that your guests may need to read and fill out papers, which means the area must be well-lit.

Incorporate Tech

One unorthodox office waiting room idea is countering noise with more noise. White noise (ambient noise) constantly played in the background effectively blocks distracting noises, even if this goes against common sense. Rain and the sound of waves lapping at the shore are both excellent examples of white noise. And, of course, playing some gentle music is a great way to block out workplace noise or drown out the chatter of people in a small waiting area.

Everyone waiting in your lobby will be armed with a mobile device. Get them online quickly and easily by creating a Wi-Fi network as a final waiting area idea. Including internet service in a bundle is not hard if you're already providing cable TV. Make sure clients can easily find the guest network information by posting the name and password in a conspicuous place.

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