Want Employees To Return? Here are 6 ways to make your office more fun.

December 30, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Maybe you've done a rebrand, or you've purchased a company, and you want to boost morale. Your style is to reward your employees while also maintaining productivity and professionalism. 

While having a good time during a work day seems like it won't increase productivity at first, studies show that workplace fun improves office productivity and morale as well as loyalty among employees by fostering a sense of belonging at work. Fun work that we like doing gets done more quickly and thoroughly. We fortify our resilience by allowing ourselves moments of happiness and fun at work.

Stock the Snack Bar

How do you make a snack bar a hit with the crowd - distribute snacks that fit the tastes of your staff! Consider creating a questionnaire to discover what individuals are craving. Keeping tabs on which snacks fly off the shelves and those that sit there untouched for insight into employee preferences for munchies.

You may find out what people like to eat by placing a suggestion box or jar next to your snack station. There are likely many different kinds of eaters at your workplace for you to name them all: organic-only eaters, high-protein fans, keto dieters, vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, and so on. Offer a wide range of options to ensure everyone is satisfied.

The snack station ought to have nutritious options at all times. Snacks like dried fruits, fruits, cheese, and whole grains are smart choices, and for sweet treats, consider frozen yogurt or ice cream infused with fruits, freshly squeezed juice, and smoothies from the break room juicer and smoothie maker. Such energy-dense snacks are helpful as some employees feel drowsy and sluggish at the office.

A simple gesture like giving snacks to your staff is an easy way to demonstrate your concern for their health and happiness. You may not realize it, but you're building a strong workplace culture by providing healthy snacks because it is an investment in employee well-being, which will pay dividends in your team's productivity and morale.

Support Employee Hobbies

Give your staff a place to let their hair down, be themselves, and where they can create something creative or imaginative. Give them a place to work with paper, pens, paint, and maybe some musical instruments. Perhaps some beanbags and a few great reads. This will also be an excellent opportunity for employees to have something to talk about other than work.

Start a "hobbies day" tradition at the office. Workers are encouraged to share more about the activities they like outside of work and display any related accomplishments they may have on "hobbies day." They can put up mini kiosks at workstations, where employees can talk about the activities they like and why they find them rewarding. This concept demonstrates to workers that they are valued for more than simply their professional skills.

The office can even have other theme days or schedule a group outing for those willing to go. Get everyone on the team involved in a day of trying out different interests. The group may learn a how-to video on YouTube, make a craft from a guide on Pinterest, or learn how to play a new video game, board game, or sport. They could also try karaoke or a new restaurant and order one item they haven't tried before.

Provide An Exercise Room

Motivate your staff to take a few minutes of breaks during work hours to stretch their legs. Endorphins are released during exercise and, in turn, boost energy and mood. Incorporating a few fitness-related tools (exercise balls, machines, and weights) into an exercise room may do wonders for morale.

Climbing has been shown to improve cognitive function in several studies. Wall climbing, or any physically demanding activity, may profoundly impact working memory, which is essential for absorbing and acquiring new information and problem-solving. Climbing and bouldering walls in the exercise room could compel workers to think critically and solve problems.

Playtime that doubles as group exercise is also one fantastic way you can make the workplace perky and benefit everyone's health. Tennis courts, basketball courts, and green spaces are excellent ideas, but even if you don't have the room for them, paths and walkways between buildings may provide employees with some exercise and work fun, and is a clever use of possible unused office space. 

Finding time to do and balance everything in a work day is hard. Yoga teachers at work can help or teach employees to do yoga in their cubicles or communal spaces like the conference room. Workers will be able to de-stress more quickly and concentrate better. 

Promote Staff Recognition

Celebrate and commiserate with your coworker's good and bad moments by remembering their birthdays and other special dates and events. When you give people room to be themselves every day at work, it seems less like a place to bury their emotions and more like a place where they may thrive.

Bring a smile to an employee's face by sending a thoughtful present to mark special occasions like a birthday, the completion of a project, or an anniversary at work. Celebrate your employees' birthdays, even though some may choose to remain incognito.

Order cake or lunch so that everyone in the workplace may celebrate. Dole out a day off that the employee may use anytime they choose. Let them take a break from the production floor for the day or go on an extended vacation. 

Recognize and reward your staff for their hard work and commitment to the success of your business. Publicly recognize each employee's service anniversary or send a handwritten thank-you note for their dedication and commitment to the firm's success.

Some businesses allow employees to submit news of significant life events like graduations, births, and marriages using an online form, making it simpler for managers to be informed of occasions on which a card would be welcomed.

Celebrate Victories Together

Catered lunches or potlucks, engaging conferences, and incentives like working from home on casual Fridays are examples of how companies help increase office fun for their employees by celebrating collective achievements.

Celebrating victories at work may create a snowball effect, boosting motivation and making your work easier during challenging periods. Bringing your team together for a celebration is essential but may be particularly therapeutic during difficult times. Leadership should make a point of praising employees for their efforts, big and small, because it sends a message that they are valued.

Productivity in the workplace is critical to all companies and people. But before moving on to the next objective, be sure the current one is fully realized. Some managers fear praising employees for little achievements would lead to arrogance or divert attention from more significant tasks.

Workers may lose some motivational value if achievements aren't recognized and rewarded. Businesses should prioritize recognition to keep their top-performing team members inspired.

Managers should always take the time to honor and recognize those who have gone above and beyond in their work since this is a great way to make work more fun and inspiring.

Allow Furry Friends In the Workplace

Instantly put a smile on your employees' faces by allowing pets in the office. Pets in the workspace help alleviate some of the stress workers experience in the office. Having office pets may help reduce stress, strengthen connections with coworkers, provide a better work-life balance, enhance employees' health, and boost the company's reputation.

The presence of pets around the office is one of the best ways to promote workplace happiness and productivity. When swamped with work, it's easy to forget to take breaks throughout the day. Research, however, shows that taking breaks at regular intervals boosts productivity. It makes work more enjoyable and allows you to think more creatively and find solutions to challenges.

Having pets in the workplace gives you something to look forward to and allows for the formation of dog-walking clubs, improving workers' emotional and physical well-being by encouraging them not to be at their desks all day and walk their pets around the block.

Finally, allowing workers to bring their dogs to work may help establish the company culture as a pet-friendly workplace and attract and recruit talented new employees.

At the very least, set aside one workday or a few hours every month when workers may bring their pets to the office. Even if not much actual work is done, the day will be a fantastic team-building opportunity. Create fun and engaging activities for pet owners and perhaps their children to enjoy playing together.

Arrange a picnic spot outside of the office every Friday afternoon or evening as a pet-friendly team-building activity. These activities help employees get to know one another better and relieve stress for everyone involved by providing an opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors and interact with animals.

Want A Fun Work Environment?

When compared to the expense of hiring and training a new worker, the price tag for lighthearted and useful tips to make the workplace fun above is relatively low. Recognizing and rewarding even little accomplishments to make everyone feel comfortable with each other and united is vital to all aspects of work. Since working is a necessity for most individuals, it makes sense to find ways to make your office a happier place to be. Include " fun" elements into your office environment (and not just harmless pranks).

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