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Go to any new dental office and you may be surprised by what you find in the waiting room.  More and more dentists are swapping their outdated vinyl seating and recycled magazines for upscale, modern furniture and video game areas equipped with wall mounted televisions. Why all this attention to the waiting area?   

A Welcoming Waiting Area

While you may not spend a lot of time in your facility’s waiting room, your customers do. The waiting area is essentially the first impression you make, and no matter how good your services are, an outdated or uncomfortable waiting room can cost you customers. Ensure a positive customer or patient experience with a clean, comfortable waiting area. Click To Tweet

1) Ensure Comfort

Waiting areas of the past were often clinical, sparse and cold. To avoid this in your facility, opt for warm colors, comfortable furniture and textures, and rich wood accents. Consult with a workspace design professional to discuss ways to improve your waiting area.

2) Provide Entertainment

No one really likes waiting, but you can improve the experience by providing access to entertainment. This might be televisions, video games, up to date magazines or a toddler play area.

3) Personalize

The most beautiful waiting area can still feel cold without a bit of personalization. You can add home décor elements such as lamps, rugs and throw pillows to achieve a more personal touch. Posting photos of staff events or volunteer activities can further customize your space.

4) Offer Refreshments

With an emphasis on convenience, customers shouldn’t have to ask you for anything. Refreshments, such as water, coffee and tea should be provided on a counter in the waiting area. Ideally, they are out of reach of little ones, but accessible to anyone else.

5) Go High-Tech

Free WiFi is no longer considered a luxury. It’s expected nowadays, especially by younger people, a crucial generation of customers for any business to consider. Providing WiFi is another means of facilitating entertainment for your customers, making their wait more enjoyable.

A Better Experience

The goal of improving your waiting area is to provide your customers or patients with a better experience.  A comfortable, inviting waiting area and consistent service is often what keeps customers coming back.

Contact Us to learn more about transforming your waiting area into a modern, welcoming space.

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