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Your work environment can have a significant impact on how productive you are. Being productive while in the office is detrimental for your career growth. When your office feels cluttered, you oftentimes feel distracted, too. Improve focus and optimize professional efficiency by creating a pleasant and comfortable workspace for employees. Click To Tweet

Is your office layout keeping you from being as productive as possible?

If you’re uncomfortable in your work office, chances are that the office layout is, in fact, affecting your productivity. While having a charming, tidy office looks great, it feels great too. Working in a pleasant office space can really help you focus and optimize professional efficiency. Below are five recommendations to better your office layout.

  1. Reduce Clutter
  2. Better Lighting
  3. Comfortable Seating
  4. Minimize Distracting Noises
  5. Bring the Outdoors Inside

1) Reduce Clutter

A messy desk can make your workspace distracting. For improved productivity, consider investing in efficient storage solutions. Cabinets, bookcases, and pedestals can significantly improve the look and feel of common spaces, which in turn improves focus.

2) Better Lighting

Natural lighting can instantly improve an office environment. However, that isn’t always an option in a traditional office space. Add LED desk lamps to make your office and meeting rooms look and feel brighter.

3) Comfortable Seating

An essential component of office design is comfortable seating. It’s not easy to work from a chair all day, but it’s even more unenjoyable when the chairs are hard and uncomfortable. Ensure you and your employees feel their best with comfy and functional desk chairs.

4) Minimize Distracting Noises

Depending on the time of day and your company culture, noise levels tend to differ. Don’t let office hustle and bustle take your attention away from your task at hand. Consider listening to peaceful, study music with noise-canceling headphones. Talk with management about working in a conference room if you still feel distracted.

5) Bring the Outdoors Inside

Working outdoors can substantially reduce your stress level. If there’s a window in your office, consider opening it to let in fresh air. If there are no windows near your desk, buy or print some photographs of beautiful, outdoor scenery to hang up in your personal workspace.

Pro Tip: If you can’t work outdoors set your desktop background to rotate between stunning outdoor scenes.

A Productive Office

You will be shocked at how changing your office layout can help you reach optimum production levels and attain your goals.

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