3 Office Design Tips For Coworking Spaces

June 14, 2019

By Workspace Resource

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular as many young people are becoming their own bosses. Technology is dominating the work field which means people are oftentimes working from their laptops at home. Coworking spaces are perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who need a change of scenery.

How Can You Design the Perfect Coworking Space?

When planning the design for a coworking space, your customers are key. Think about who will be using this space and what their needs are. Below are three of the best tips to make your coworking space attractive and functional:

  1. Storage Solutions
  2. Vibrant Workspaces
  3. Lighten the Mood

1) Storage Solutions

Storage is a vital part of your shared workspace design. While some people may have all they need on their laptops, others will need storage space. You can include public bookcases or pedestals for your members.

Pro Tip:  It could be beneficial to include locked storage in your office space for a small upcharge.

2) Vibrant Workspaces

Typically, the people who are looking for coworking spaces are tired of working from home or in their local coffee shop. The demographic your appealing to are usually highly creative individuals that are looking for a brighter work area where they can connect to others. You’ll want to make the entire place feel vibrant with open floor plans and bright colors. Avoid dark and dreary decor.

3) Lighten the Mood

Depending on your working space, you may need to incorporate additional lighting. If you have an office or two that has windows, you could charge more for those spaces. However, it can be problematic if other work areas are lacking in the lighting department. Quality lighting can change the entire mood of a room- that’s why it’s a critical investment for your shared office space design.

Collaborative Coworking

It’s key to remember your audience to plan the perfect coworking space. Collaboration and creativity go hand-and-hand for shared workspaces.

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