3 Office Design Trends To Boost Employee Satisfaction

August 29, 2018

By Workspace Resource

You want to attract talent to your business, but where do you start? Younger employees generally want a fun work environment and need to feel their job has purpose and meaning. By throwing tradition out the window to create modern workplaces, companies can attract and retain top talent in a generation of restless, mobile workers.

Top Office Design Trends

From Monday to Friday, employees generally spend more time at work than they do at home. To keep them engaged, an efficient workspace should be designed with that fact in mind.

Go Green

Offices that incorporate nature in their design are shown to reduce stress, promote physical, mental and emotional health, boost energy and creativity, and improve employee performance and job satisfaction. Your customers will instantly notice the difference when they walk into your comfortable, lush office space. Here are some great ways for a modern green space:

Natural Light

Not surprisingly, research shows that spending your days in windowless, fluorescent-lit, poorly ventilated, noisy, stressful work environments is detrimental to your health. Not only that, but it creates an unwelcoming office space that no one wants to be in. Natural light is easy on the eyes, boosts mood and can improve productivity.

Emphasis on Comfort

The popularity of modern furnishings and design has confused some business owners, who equate “modern” with “cold”. Modern design is full of clean lines and little clutter, but it’s welcoming, comfortable and warm.

A Welcoming Workplace

Acorporate workplace that's warm and inviting will create an environment that employees are happy to spend time in. Moving into a new office? Make it modern, comfortable and functional.

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