5 Classroom Furnishing Solutions For A Kid-Friendly Space

August 17, 2018

By Workspace Resource

When you think of a classroom, what comes to mind? Most people imagine a large chalkboard on the front wall, and rows of combo desks with attached chairs. Cold, hard plastic in muted tones, with zero personality. Not exactly conducive to higher learning. Luckily, gone are the days of bland, cold classrooms. [bctt tweet="Today’s classroom furnishings are versatile, comfortable and bright." username="workspacetexas"]

Classroom Furnishings To Enhance Education

Whether you’re in middle school or college, classrooms have increasingly embraced technology, comfort, and collaboration. As a result, furniture solutions are easy to reconfigure without disrupting the learning process. Here are 5 solutions to create a space that’s conducive to learning:

  1. Embrace Technology
  2. Versatile Desks
  3. Smart Storage
  4. Comfortable Seating
  5. Foster Collaboration

Embrace Technology

Rapidly evolving technology has dramatically transformed the way students learn. Learning occurs outside the normal boundaries of a school building through tablet devices and even smartphones. As teaching adapts, classrooms must as well. Enhanced connectivity allows students to multitask without getting up from their desk.

Versatile Desks

Mobility is a crucial feature for classroom furniture in a collaborative learning environment. Consider casters or sliders for desks and tables. Without them, moving desks is a struggle for small students, and reconfiguring classrooms becomes a much larger job.

Smart Storage

Students bring backpacks, books, and laptops into the classroom, while teachers need somewhere to store teaching materials. This means that there should be smart storage solutions to meet both needs. Under the desk storage racks or bag hooks, locked cabinets and other options will help eliminate classroom clutter.

Comfortable Seating

From classrooms, library and media centers to dining halls and administrative offices, seating plays a huge role in education. Comfortable seating can eliminate distractions and allow students to focus.

Modern Style

Modern style has made its way into the classroom, with bright colors, clean lines, and a happy balance of form and function. Students that are in a space that’s clean, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing will be able to better focus on learning.

Inspire Education

Alternatives to the traditional classroom with its rows of individual desks abound and are sure to inspire educators. In addition to modern convenience, classroom furnishings must be durable and made to last.

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