7 Aesthetic Desk Ideas To Bring To The Office

November 19, 2022

By Workspace Resource

How you set up your desk aesthetics can have a significant impact on your mood, satisfaction, and productivity. When you add details that are pleasing to the eye and eliminate visual clutter, you create an ideal workspace.  

Read on if you’re unsure how to make your desk aesthetically pleasing or even simply looking for new ways to freshen up your workspace. You’ll discover helpful tips to elevate your desk setup, from well-organized minimalist desktops to cozy accessories.

What are aesthetic desk setup ideas?

Aesthetic desk designs

The foundation for creating an aesthetically pleasing desk area starts with choosing a suitable desk for your office workspace. When selecting a desk, choose one that adequately fits your office space while providing plenty of room to work. Desks can range in various styles depending on your office's design. Color and texture play an essential role in aesthetics. Wood adds warmth, while a metal desk provides a sleek, clean appearance.  

Types of Desks:

Desk chair options

Once you’ve chosen your desk, it’s time to pair it with the right desk chair. A few factors to consider when selecting a desk chair include its ergonomic comfort, wheels or fixed legs, and overall design structure.

Lighting selections

The proper lighting can have a big impact on the overall aesthetic of your desk setup. Natural lighting tends to offer the best option. However, your office space may not have access to windows. In that case, consider lighting that illuminates your workspace with efficiency and ambiance.


A well-organized desk eliminates clutter and unsightly cables. Plus, it can look more welcoming. Choose organizational ideas and elements that keep your supplies handy, your essential paperwork easy to locate, and your messy items like unruly cables out of sight.

Keyboards and Mouse Aesthetics

Don’t forget your keyboards and mouse when designing your desktop setup. Several products for keyboards allow you to add color, personality, and a more desirable texture as you type. Plus, your mouse can match your design and color choices for extra stylish flair.

Desk pads and Mousepads

Cushioned desk pads and mousepads soften your desktop setup while offering an opportunity to add decor. These surfaces help to pull together your desktop design elements.

Wall Art

Wall art pulls together the decor of your workspace and sets the mood for your desk area. Art can add beauty, inspiration, nostalgia, and function. Choose pieces that offer a pleasant place to focus when you need a break from your monitor.


Plants offer a natural aesthetic to your office workplace. When working inside, it’s pleasant and uplifting to surround yourself with calming, stress-reducing greenery. Opt for real plants if you have natural light and can keep them alive. Otherwise, faux plants make a great option.

Aesthetic desk decor styles and inspiration

Before you purchase new desk supplies to improve the aesthetic of your office workplace, take time to consider your preferred decor style. Choose a desk decor style that suits your tastes and aligns with your office space. The right decor style can help your workday flow better, improve your focus, and help you get more done.

The most common decor styles for an office workspace include minimalist and cozy.

Minimalist desk decor must have

Cozy desk decor offers

Final thoughts on aesthetic desk ideas

Aesthetics can add a joyful element to your desk workspace. When your work area appears pleasing, your work output and enjoyment often increase. Simple changes in color, texture, lighting, and organizational elements can make a significant difference. When you work in a beautiful environment, it’s easy to feel good about the job you do each day.

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