7 Modern Office Design Trends to Get Inspired By

August 11, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Do you remember years ago when the office space you went to consisted of larger office rooms with doors and then cubicles outside of those? If you were lucky, you'd have your own space.

But nowadays, you feel secluded in an office - things have moved toward wanting to work with others around you in somewhat of a co-working space.

That's what the modern office design trends are leaning toward - a fun, productive, relaxing, enjoyable place to be. Read on to learn what this looks like for office design ideas!

1. Create a More Dynamic Layout for Your Office Space

When it comes to working in 2022, nothing is the same as it was before 2022. One of the things that have changed is that modern office design no longer involves cubicles.

Instead, there is a more dynamic layout that can include whatever you want it to!

Do you want beanbags in your office space? Then do it!

What about tables like booths for people to work at or high-top tables in the middle of the office? These office design ideas are what work for productivity in 2022.

2. View the Space as a Home

If you really want your office design to be something that makes your employees feel welcome, it needs to feel like a home-away-from-home.

So what would you usually see in a home office?


By making the space feel more like a home, employees will be more relaxed and, therefore, more productive.

3. Cover the Walls

Gone are the days when an office can simply have white walls. This creates a barren look - a look that your employees definitely don't enjoy looking at.

Instead, your employees would benefit from more decor in the workplace to boost the mood of the entire space.

For instance, you could add wall art, logos, or other design elements. You could even paint the walls a fun color or use wallpaper or stick-on elements to add to the space.

4. Invest in Safe Technology

Nowadays, if you don't have technology that is up-to-date, your office space is way behind the times.

For instance, now that safety is the main concern for many workplaces after the pandemic, contactless technology is becoming a much bigger thing. That means automatic doors, apps that can connect to the lights in your office so that you don't have to touch them, and more.

By liming the number of surfaces that have to be touched, you will be creating a safer workplace environment for your employees.

For a more fun technology boost, consider adding an Alexa into the office for a contactless music option.

5. Add in Ergonomic Furniture

In 2022, it is more likely that employees want to walk around or get some fresh air as breaks between their work meetings or tasks. Having active furniture or ergonomic furniture can also help with the productivity of workers.

For instance, adding in this type of furniture can help your employees with their overall health as well as their productivity:

Your employees will love coming to work with these furniture types!

6. Incorporating Color Psychology into the Workplace

Different colors have different effects on us as humans. That means that colors in the workplace have effects on your workers as well.

Using the idea of color psychology to work for you and your workers is one of the benefits of great office design.

For example, blue and green colors are calming, whereas orange and red ignite passion, power, and energy.

So how can you use this?

For starters, you could create more blues in the kitchen or an area that is a chill hangout space for workers to relax. Around the tables and workspace areas, adding in oranges and yellows will help to boost productivity in those areas.

7. Go Green

By going green, we don't mean painting your entire office green. We mean making more of an effort to be sustainable in the workplace.

This may look different to everyone, but more and more workers want to work at companies and in buildings that prioritize being green and living more sustainably.

For instance, the office space could invest in motion censored lights to save energy. When people aren't in one room, the lights will go off, and when someone walks in, they can go on.

Get rid of plastic utensils and invest in cheap silverware for office employees. Don't use plastic cups for water at the water fountain, but incentivize workers to bring their own water bottles or provide reusable water cups that workers will need to wash after use.

Use These Modern Office Design Trends of 2022

The modern office design trends nowadays look much different than they did 20 years ago or even just 5 years ago. A lot has changed in recent years when it comes to how to design an office.

With these above tips and design trends, you'll create an office space that you love. Your employees won't be able to resist coming in every single day.

If you want to make some changes, check out our tool to design your office today! Your employees will thank you.

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