9 Genius Ideas To Make Your Cubicles More Private

December 7, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Workers need some personal space to focus and get their jobs done, regardless of whether their workplace is an open office or divided into cubicles.

Productivity can take a severe hit if a worker is often distracted, interrupted, and confronted with aggravating sounds. The inability to focus on the task at hand and maintain a steady train of thought in a noisy, distracting environment is a common source of lost productivity.

Employees working in cubicles require sufficient privacy between their cubicles in order for themselves and coworkers to concentrate on their jobs peacefully.

Why Cubicle Privacy Matters

When you make cubicles private, company and private information will be more secure. There is a heightened focus on protecting sensitive consumer data due to recent legislation at the federal and state levels. In addition to providing a safer environment for confidential information, giving workers more privacy in their cubicle space may help increase their productivity and peace of mind.

Cubicle Privacy Ideas

Add A Cubicle Door

Privacy serves as a catalyst for new ideas as it allows one to relax and think freely. When you shut the door to your office cubicle, you are shielded from the distractions of your coworkers and are free to focus on your tasks at hand, explore alternative approaches, and, perhaps, come up with novel ideas. As a consequence, both your creativity and output are improved.

Get A Privacy Screen For Your Monitor

A privacy filter restricts access to a screen from the side or back. Employees who aren't immediately in front of the monitor or standing to the side won't be able to see what's on it. Keep your cubicle private by placing filters on all screens in your workspace.

Cubicle Privacy Screen

A cubicle privacy screen is a simple solution to protect your privacy without closing yourself off entirely. Visitors are still welcome to approach you with inquiries or requests for specific information. 

Plants make for excellent cubicle privacy screens and dividers when you need to section off a bigger area. However, decorating with plants may not be ideal if you're searching for a low-maintenance alternative since they need frequent watering and care. 

Add A Mirror To See Behind You

Mirrors in cubicles are common as many individuals feel uncomfortable with the possibility that their supervisor or coworker may see them from behind. Almost certainly, you are seated with your back to the door of your cubicle.

A frequent location for mirrors in cubicles is behind or to the side of the computer screen. When your back is to the cubicle door, Feng Shui also dictates that you should be seated in front of a mirror so that positive energy may enter your workspace. A mirror nearby might also protect you from a curious onlooker or colleague.

Use A Headset

You have less privacy, and your coworkers will be annoyed and interrupted by your speakers or speakerphone since they pick up and transmit unintentional sounds. Put on a headset if you'd rather not use your hands to chat or like to listen to music while working.

People surrounding you probably want to avoid hearing your heavy metal playlist or whole discussion, so one habit to change is calling on your desk phone and never picking up the receiver. Make it a habit to use a headphone or pick up the phone. 

Use an "Open/Close" System

Occasionally, you may wish your colleagues would respect your personal space by knocking before entering your cubicle. You would think it's a no-brainer, particularly if they can see you're generating reports or editing away. People strolling in and out of your cubicle may easily disrupt your productivity and jar you out of your flow.

How do you suggest they postpone their small talk until a more appropriate time? Mark your cubicle with an open/close sign indicating when you are available to receive visitors. By doing so, you can prevent unwanted guests and maintain your privacy.

Arrange Your Items To Make Barriers

There are freestanding room dividers that you may join with other room dividers to form a temporary wall of any size. They can efficiently divide office space into separate sections or serve as a visual barrier in your private corner.

These partitions are ideal for providing privacy in the workplace, but if none is available, you may always use stylish items or office furniture you have - perhaps strategically placed framed photos or desk lamps. While it's important to personalize your cubicle, it's also essential to be judicious about the cubicle decor on your desk since too many things might be a distraction.

Make Your Partition Taller

You may adjust your cubicle's level of privacy and natural light by changing the height and material of its walls. If you value privacy greatly and are concerned that you can only secure it with higher cubicle walls, you should reconsider utilizing all fabric and instead go for a combination of transparent glass panels and other materials.

Your cubicle is still private, but you may brighten it more thanks to the transparent wall that perhaps faces the outside. By providing a view beyond the desk, this layout makes your workspace look larger and makes you feel secure and less confined in your small cubicle.

Ask Colleagues If You Can Invest In A White Noise Machine

White noise is a steady sound that you may play in the background to help you relax and increase your sense of privacy in an office setting. It is challenging to cancel out ordinary noise since it is erratic and unpredictable. It's bumpy, and John's increasingly shrill outbursts from his cube next to yours keep setting off your stress alarms.

The path of white noise is perfectly straight. The constant flow it creates in the mind is calming. Working in an office with a white noise machine will provide you with high-quality sound. 

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