Modern Office Furniture Trends To Keep Your Eye On

June 16, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Whether your company is trying to prevent the ‘great resignation’ from impacting its workforce or simply wants to put its best interior design face forward, you can benefit by tapping into some of today’s best modern office furniture trends. These days, no employee looks forward to working for 8-9 hours a day in a closed cubicle with clunky, cumbersome old office furnishings. In fact, progressive companies who look for ways to boost their employees’ satisfaction and productivity can achieve them at the same time simply by refreshing their workspace with furnishings designed with modern sensibilities. When shopping for modern office furniture, pay close attention to the following trends.

Modern Executive Office Furniture That’s Integrated with Technology

The oversized desks with pull out drawers for keyboards and printers are, thankfully, a design trend of yesteryear. As technology has slimmed down, so have office furnishings like desks and workstations. Rather than large and imposing furnishings that seem to close off the individual from their surroundings, today’s modern office furniture reflects more open designs. The truth is, many office workers require little more than a terrific laptop and flat surface to set it on. When choosing modern private office furniture or furniture for shared employee work spaces, look for simply designed modern desks that support today’s sleeker, Wi-Fi connected devices.

Modern Office Furniture That Supports Collaboration

Collaboration is 21st century core work tenet. When you shop for furnishings, choose items that nurture the collaborative process. Choose desks and workstations that can accommodate more than one employee at a time so that your staffers can work together conveniently when they need to. Shared desks and ‘hot desks’ are ideal for offices with flexible working hours. Keep in mind that many modern offices are shifting to hybrid workspaces that offer the flexibility that hybrid workers (working remotely from home at times) need.

Also, consider moveable furnishings. Many office furniture designers are installing casters on their furnishings to make them more convenient for moving around the space. Flexibility furnishings are a major office furniture trend that also supports collaboration.

Ergonomic and Comfortable

Supporting the health and well-being of employees is something that offices are considering carefully as they update their interior design plans. Ergonomically designed seating is a must. It reduces stress on employees’ backs and promotes greater comfort. But sitting all day to work isn’t always comfortable or conducive to optimum health. Consider installing stand-up desk workstations or furnishings that adjust to stand-up and sit-down positions.

Also, because today’s employees are using lightweight easy-to-transport devices to perform work (i.e. tablets and laptops), they’re interested in non-traditional workspaces too. Consider installing comfortable sofas and chairs that can also double as meeting spaces between staff and clients. You can tie these office furnishings into your decorative plan.

Sustainable Modern Office Furniture

Many of today’s employees and clients, for that matter, are turned off by highly synthetic upholstery coverings and non eco-friendly construction materials. That’s why furnishings that boast sustainable designs have become popular in modern offices. Look for furnishings made from recycled materials or eco-friendly materials like bamboo. Top designs feature clean lines and sleek surfaces that are reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern designs, but updated with 21st century eco-friendly flair.

You can also enhance your office space by including natural elements in your interior design plan. Add real plants for a touch of outdoor charm. Moreover, many indoor plants boast air-purifying features. Using natural elements and reclaimed pieces, you can create an environment that reflects your company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

High-Tech Conference Rooms

When redesigning your office space, be sure to modernize your conference spaces too. Whether you use these spaces to meet with your team or clients, you want them to reflect modern appeal–and for that, they should be outfitted with modern furnishings like ergonomic conference chairs and high-tech features like a big screen for sharing everything from work videos to reports.

Again, think in terms of flexibility. You can also use your conference rooms for training or collaborating on group projects. With flexible furnishings and high-tech features, you can ensure that this space can answer all of your needs.

Basic Functionality

Rather than featuring ornate furnishings, today’s offices are filled with highly-functional furniture. Your employees aren’t interested in large imposing solid wood desks. They want high-speed internet and reliable apps, comfortable seating, and all their work needs met. To that end, aim to outfit your setting with pieces of basic functionality. You need plenty of good storage for files so that your employees can access them with no trouble. Look for modern storage furnishings and shelving units / counters for shared devices like scanners and printers.

Light and Airy

Finally, as you incorporate modern office furnishings into your space, keep your overall interior design plan light and airy. Try to choose furniture that complements a more open and collaborative environment. Large, dark pieces can detract from the bright space that today’s employees crave. Consider any natural lighting features and try to use them as a focal point for everyone in the office to enjoy–not just the corner office.

The Benefits of Modern Executive Office Furniture

When you outfit your office with modern furnishings that reflect today’s hottest workplace trends, you can boost employee morale, impress clients, and even support increased productivity. Today’s workplaces are undergoing major shifts owing to the increase in remote work and the understandable demands of the modern workforce. When you’re trying to attract top talent to your company or firm, you can rely on your modern office space to help you convey your healthy business culture and positive setting.

Consider these trends closely as you shop for new office furniture. Workspace Resource features a wide range of modern office furnishings that embody these trends and can help you create the modern space you’re hoping for.

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