11 Office Wall Decor Ideas: From Boring To Brilliant

December 12, 2022

By Workspace Resource

Having a workplace that is both stimulating and visually appealing is beneficial to workers in many ways. Workers experience less stress and more energy as a result. Having a trendy, upbeat color scheme and inspiring artwork on the walls of a workplace has been shown to impact productivity favorably.

Office wall décor may also serve as a visual representation of the company's values for customers and workers. It promotes a great atmosphere and helps them focus on the brand's vision and mission.

Inspirational Quotes

Although they are overused and somewhat cliché, quotes serve as a powerful tool for reinforcing a company's ideals and encouraging staff to stay focused on their tasks at hand. Quotes can be hung on posters throughout the workplace or elaborately painted on the walls.

Hang inspirational sayings and photographs so employees can read them anytime they need a mental pick-me-up at work. You can also put a fresh quotation daily on a chalkboard to inspire your staff. If you want to give the quotes some class, try writing them in longhand. It's a simple way to jazz up your workplace's decor.

Local Inspiration

Whether you're from Houston or Conroe, you are not limited to rodeo scenes or cowboy hats when decorating your office. Instead, create a focal point in any workspace with a piece of original artwork created by a local artist that showcases the local sports team, monument, or a part of your city’s history. You may greatly enhance a business's beauty by adding such hand-painted artwork. As a bonus, it promotes the cultural scene in your area, which is particularly useful if you focus on local customers.

One must use caution while choosing office wall art, in any case. Because you will show it in a workplace, the artwork must still have some connection to the business. If you're looking to hire an artist for your business, it's a good idea to see how they see your company's branding.

Their artwork has to be a good fit for your company's image before you hire the artist. Only hire the artist if you feel that their style meshes nicely with your own.

Company's History And People

Displaying the company's past milestones is a great option when considering office wall design ideas. It might be helpful to begin at the reception area or foyer of the building. The history of the company's inception, early years, and many significant achievements are likely to be mostly forgotten by some of the workforce. Use timelines, photos, maps, and charts to tell the story of the company and its history. 

Ensure you're doing all you can to get your company's name out there. Infuse your brand's spirit and your firm's values into your workers' daily lives. Visitors to your company may sit on a chair beside a giant display board on the wall, as is the practice at several businesses.

Photographs brighten up any dull workplace. A mural with staff photographs is a great way to give the office a more friendly and welcoming vibe while showcasing the workers' talents and accomplishments. Souvenirs or photos representing pivotal events in the company's history are also acceptable.

To emphasize the significance of their work and how far they've come, a marketing agency, for instance, may display photos of their multinational clients or successful marketing campaigns.

Decorative Storage Like A Floating Shelf Or Cabinet

Use the vertical space for storage by installing decorative storage that can be either opened or closed. Add storage without sacrificing office furniture or desk space by installing floating shelves high above it. You may also use it to create little libraries throughout the workplace or showcase awards, memorabilia, and other interesting objects. Consider using floating cabinets to help disseminate office supplies throughout the workplace if you need to store items that aren't as aesthetically pleasing.

Murals By Local Artists

Use the services of a graffiti artist in your area to spruce up a blank wall. It will be a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that connects your company to the local community and conveys its narrative or objectives.

In addition to displaying your local pride, a mural depicting a local cityscape might provide a pleasant visual for your clientele. The first step in realizing this design is acquiring a high-resolution photo of a particularly picturesque location within your city by a local photographer. 

The city's skyline where your business is headquartered would look great printed as a mural on the wall at your workplace. And it gets better: the mural can keep going up the ceiling as well as the walls. 

Video Walls

Consider adding a video wall to your wall space if you need more time to make up your mind or want to present a wide variety of content. This opens up many possibilities, from displaying artwork to tracking corporate metrics. A video wall is a great way to showcase time-sensitive information, such as corporate announcements, news stories, or weather reports.

Take it up a notch by making it a touch screen! There are video walls that can also read data from a person's badge and display tailored material depending on preferences set by an organization - how cool is that!

Highlight Your Culture

Making your company's mission statement visible in the workplace is a low-cost, high-impact strategy to inspire employees and boost morale. One method to show off your business's culture and values while quietly urging your employees to uphold them in their daily work is to include your mission statement or basic company principles in the office decor.

Also, consider how your artwork in the workplace will reflect the company's image and mission. Pick artwork that conveys your values and the atmosphere you want to create in the room.

Calendar Of Events

When plans are constantly shifting, how do you organize your time? The solitary corkboard on your wall may not be enough. A whiteboard or chalkboard wall calendar can do the trick if you need to reschedule appointments or keep things like commitments more organized. You are free to start again with the stroke of an eraser.

Turn a wall into a chalkboard calendar using chalk paint and draw a calendar grid on it. You may use this schedule to highlight upcoming work events, deadlines, and local events of interest. A large wall clock is a great addition, too!

Use Pops Of Color And Patterns

The psychological effects of color are significant. Bring some life and excitement to the workplace by decorating with bright colors and patterns. Hanging picture frames is only one way to decorate your neutral or white walls.

Create an accent wall with a striking dark blue or dark green color, or add a pattern with wallpaper, stenciling, or another artistic painting method. While renovating your walls, why not give some thought to changing your ceiling as well? When applied to a compact room, these decorative elements can make a dramatic impression. 

Incorporate Plant Holders

Using plants in interior design has several positive effects, such as increasing oxygen levels in the air, decreasing stress levels, and boosting productivity at work. Decorating with plants brings some welcome greenery in and provides you with a year-round project to look forward to.

You may put only one or two plants on end tables to get the ball rolling or place a collection of exciting pots or vases in one corner of the space. While this is ideal for larger plants, you may also use plant supports of varying heights to prop up shorter plants.

You can't go wrong with this arrangement of indoor plants. Combine cacti with tropical palm trees to leave your office feeling like a desert oasis. Use a selection of complimentary plant holders in a range of materials and colors to create the appearance of order in your plant group.

Accent Walls With Different Materials

Give way to your imagination and put up a striking accent wall. Consider how you may make a space more uniquely yours through texture, pattern, and color. 

The use of exposed brick as an accent wall in historic homes and lofts has been widespread for quite some time. Fortunately, brick veneer has advanced to the point that it can successfully imitate the look of actual brick without the high cost. 

Wood is a versatile accent wall material that you may use to create a stylish and chic aesthetic. If you want your space to seem cohesive, paint the other walls a color that has the same undertone as the wood. Various wall finishes, such as wood, bamboo, glass, metal, and wallpaper, may provide visual interest and texture to an otherwise bland office or home office wall decor.

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