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3 Office Design Goals to Set for 2019

3 Office Design Goals to Set for 2019

New years provide us with a clean slate to develop new tactics for personal and professional growth. Does your current workspace feel stuffy or boring? Office design plays a significant role in employee productivity. If you’re not utilizing all of your space to the best of your ability, 2019 is the time to plan and execute office design goals for a modern workplace environment.

Your Office Space Goals

Have you dreamed of having a gym at work to release stress on your breaks? Do you imagine a clutter-free office with an open floor plan? What about a ping-pong table to have a friendly match with your colleagues? 2019 is the time to make these dreams a reality.

The following goals will have your workplace design promote employee efficiency throughout the new year and beyond. Click To Tweet

Prioritize Employee Experience

Popular trends in offices, especially those involved in hospitality and retail, have begun to emphasize the employee experience at work. Business owners want their company culture and values reflected in their office building. Consider sending out a survey on how employees would feel if they had a gym, nature trails and meditation areas, or even a ping-pong table. Prioritizing employee well-being can make your staff enjoy coming to work, which in turn increases productivity and makes the workplace a genuinely happier place.  

Open Coworking Spaces

Clean, open spaces can give employees a clear head for optimum concentration in work environments. When an office feels stuffy and small, it can be difficult to concentrate. Having an open co-working space can change the way employees work together. Consult with an office design and planning company to transform your cubicles into an open office. 

Pro Tip: Use the new year as an opportunity to modernize your workspace. Clear the clutter and break down walls to promote creative collaboration among employees.

Comfortable Seating

Hard, uncomfortable chairs should be a thing of the past. When people work at desks most of the day, they need comfortable chairs. Quality seating is an investment that will ensure a pleasant office and smiling employees.

Reach Your Design Goals

Office design plays a critical role in employee satisfaction. Having a cozy work atmosphere will contribute to staff feeling excited to come into work.

What are your office design goals for 2019? Join the conversation to discuss how you want to utilize your office layout this year.

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Happy New Year from WorkSpace Resource!

Happy New Year from WorkSpace Resource!

2018 has sped along to the end in the bat of an eye. This is the time of the year we pause and reflect, remember the year behind us and look forward with great anticipation for the year to come. We consider what went well and look for opportunities for growth. Now that 2018 has passed, let's reflect on a few office design tips from the year. Click To Tweet

How to Incorporate Color Psychology Into Your Office Design

Color plays a critical role in how your business is perceived. Whether you’re a startup trying to connect with a youthful audience or a consulting firm trying to strengthen client relationships, you can study and learn the psychology behind colors to help you better charm and connect to your ideal customer.

Incorporating Color Psychology Into Your Office

5 Classroom Furnishings for a Kid-Friendly Space

When you think of a classroom, what do you picture? Most people imagine a dusty chalkboard on the front wall, and rows of combo desks with attached chairs. Cold, hard plastic in muted tones, with no creativity. This is not exactly conducive to higher learning levels. Fortunately, gone are the days of boring, cold classrooms.

Classroom Decor for a Kid-Friendly Space

5 Ways to Create a Welcoming Waiting Area

Walk into any new dental office and you may be shocked by what you find in the waiting room.  More and more dentists are swapping their old-fashioned vinyl seating and recycled magazines for high-class, modern furniture and video game areas equipped with wall mounted televisions. Why all this focus on the waiting area? Customers spend a big portion of their time in the waiting room. The waiting area is usually the first impression you make, and no matter how great your services are, an old or uncomfortable waiting room can cost you customers.

How to Create a Welcoming Waiting Area


A Happy 2019

2018 has been an amazing year for WorkSpace Resource. We are very grateful for our hardworking staff and loyal customers. We hope you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve surrounded with loved ones. Here’s to a happy 2019. Cheers!

WorkSpace Resource Team Tours the AIS Headquarters

WorkSpace Resource Team Tours the AIS Headquarters

Last week, the WorkSpace Resource team took a trip to Boston, MA to meet with the incredible folks at AIS and tour their offices, showroom, and factory. Trips like this are not out of the ordinary, as WorkSpace takes a personal interest in all of the office furniture products they offer and the companies they work with.

AIS Headquarters

AIS is a leading manufacturer of commercial office furniture and seating, specializing in systems (cubicles), laminate case goods (desking) and task and guest seating. They have truly shaken up the industry with a commitment to sustainability and a unique ability to make office furniture fun. Their ingenuity and innovation caught the eye of many observers at NeoCon and they continue to impress. 

About AIS

  • AIS has a people focused company culture that acknowledges and celebrates the background of each employee that has come together as Americans to build quality products right here in the USA.
  • There are several quality control managers stationed throughout the manufacturing line to ensure that only the highest quality product ends up on the truck for shipping.
  • The headquarters have over 10,000 solar panels that (on a sunny day) generate excess energy that goes back into the grid.
  • Manufacturing processes focus on high-quality production, efficiency and reducing waste to keep lead times down and lower costs, keeping the product affordable to the end user.
  • AIS has proven that it pays to be a follower. They let larger companies test new designs and make mistakes before they jump on any new trends. This ensures that they are able to manufacturer durable, clean products on the first try so that they can successfully offer current designs at affordable prices.

Factory Tour

The manufacturing facility tour was the highlight of the trip for everyone who attended. It’s a process that not many outside of the industry are privy to, and one that is both fascinating and impressive.

“It was evident with everyone we met that AIS not only cares about their product but about relationships. With each other, with their dealers and, most of all, with the end user. They excel at customer satisfaction and making products that are current and high quality.” – Donna Johnson, Senior Business Development, WorkSpace Resource

Team Thoughts on AIS Product Training

WorkSpace was also pleased to do product training, where they were introduced to some new product lines. The modern design and enhanced features are sure to make them a hit with customers. Here’s what several WorkSpace team members had to say:

“I was blown away by the Alta fabric treatment presentation. The option to offer our clients a fabric that will withstand the daily abuse of an office environment at such a minimal cost to the end user is a no-brainer to me! I think our clients are going to absolutely love it.” – Jackie Savoie, Marketing Director

“Product training gave me further confidence in AIS products. The attention to detail they have is fantastic. Our clients will be getting a high-quality product at an affordable price.” – Donna Johnson, Senior Business Development

Providing Quality and Value

Overall, the trip was beneficial for WorkSpace as a furniture dealer, but also built confidence in the quality of products they provide and gave them new information and ideas on how to better tailor the numerous options to fit their client’s needs.

Contact Us to learn more about high-quality office design and furnishings.

NeoCon 2018: The Biggest Trends in Workplace Design

NeoCon 2018: The Biggest Trends in Workplace Design

Every June for 50 years, The Mart in Chicago has played host to NeoCon, the commercial design industry’s showcase of innovation. The WorkSpace Resource team attended NeoCon last month, getting inspiration and ideas from the showrooms presented. These included interiors for the workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, public space and government commercial spaces.  The 3-day event revolves around innovative commercial interiors, finishes & materials for a variety of different industries.

Spotting Ingenuity at NeoCon

NeoCon is more than simply a display of commercial furniture design trends. It’s an opportunity to spot the latest and best ideas that will shape the modern workplace. The products showcased are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, integrating technological advancements with unique design. Here were some of our favorite highlights from the event:


A mix of residential and commercial elements, “resi-mercial” combines the comfort of home with the functionality and professionalism of the workplace. The trend makes office spaces more comfortable and casual. Several of the manufacturers made workstations with sofas and small laptop tables instead of large desks and chairs. There were also several types of quiet spaces where you could either work or nap.

Natural Elements

Another notable trend was the presence of natural elements. Succulents, hanging pots and an emphasis on natural wood tones was prominent, adding interest and beauty. A lot of furniture, including desks, grouped seating and workstations incorporated built-in planters in the desks. This trend was especially evident in the AIS Showroom (shown below), which featured hanging walls of electric green moss, eggplant-colored accents, and crisp, modern office furniture.

NeoCon, WorkSpace Resource, Houston, Tx

Technology Integration

You can now integrate wireless charging stations into your work surface, so if you set your phone on any area of the desk, it will automatically charge. There are also several low profile and pop up USB ports for charging devices. This streamlined integration of technology makes for a more functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Modern, Artful Design

Diana Burgess, WorkSpace Resource Designer, summed it up best when she said, “Seeing all the newest trends and where the market is headed is really valuable to us as a business because it allows us to make sure our customer’s offices will be up to date for years to come.”

Contact Us to find out how you can keep your office modern, welcoming and functional.

Become a Part of the WorkSpace Resource Community!

Become a Part of the WorkSpace Resource Community!

WorkSpace Resource invites you to join our extended community. This is your opportunity to connect with us as we offer you insight into our company culture, industry knowledge, helpful tips and much more! WorkSpace Resource not only supplies modern office furnishings but helps you through every step of the process, from space planning to installation. Our blog will highlight exciting projects, offer tips and share company news.

Bringing You Value with Every Post

We spend most of our time taking care of our valued clients or attending industry events, so we don’t have many chances to share our expertise with you. Our blog will be that chance! Enjoy original content covering a range of topics and information we hope will be useful and interesting for you. Our blog posts will fall into one of the following categories:

Helpful Tips

We strive to provide you with information that’s useful to you about commercial interiors and workplace furnishings. We will cover a broad range of topics, giving you the benefit of lessons we’ve learned over many years in the industry. Articles in this category are designed to address topics you may have questions about or help guide you through a design decision or office relocation.

Industry Updates

Every once in awhile there may be changes, advancements, or other updates specific to our industry that you’ll want to know about. These articles will be designed to give you a breakdown of what’s happening and what it means for you.

Company News

Sometimes we may have company changes, improvements, and events that you need to know about. These blog posts are intended to make you aware of our growth and progress and how it will benefit you. They’ll also give you an inside look at our company values and culture.

Join the Conversation

In addition to our original articles, we also share a wealth of other information and videos of interest from various sources across several social media platforms. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to receive invaluable information and updates for you and your colleagues. We can’t wait to say hello! Join the conversation today.

New Website Launch for WorkSpace Resource!

New Website Launch for WorkSpace Resource!

WorkSpace Resource is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved website! Our site provides an easy and user-friendly way to browse our extensive selection of office furniture and explore the various services we offer. 

About WorkSpace Resource

WorkSpace Resource provides quality products and solutions that adapt and grow with your organization while maintaining a polished and pleasing atmosphere. Offering traditional, transitional, and contemporary product lines, we can transform your office to reflect your individuality and vision.

Get to Know Our New Website

To familiarize yourself with our track record, browse our customer reviews and our client portfolio. This will give you a better idea of what we can do for you! We offer design and project management services, and furniture for healthcare, education, government and workplace settings. To make the process easier we also offer financing, rental and buyback programs.

Design Services

WorkPlace Resource employs state of the art software and design techniques to ensure that space and budget constraints are addressed and overcome. Our design team has a combined 30 years of experience and we take pride in our ability to turn your vision into a reality. We’re with you every step of the way, from space planning to installation.

Industry-Specific Furniture

We have an extensive selection of workplace furniture, but also offer industry-specific solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need healthcare furniture for a waiting room or desks for a classroom, WorkSpace Resource has you covered!

Buy and Sell Options

Each business has different needs for office furniture. Buying furniture may not be feasible, or you might need a temporary solution. WorkSpace Resource offers financing, rental and buyback programs, wherein we’ll offer your current market value for your current office furniture and credit for new WorkSpace Resource furniture.

Ready to Serve You

Whatever your needs, WorkSpace Resource has the right solution for you. Make your office space polished, professional and comfortable, without feeling stuffy or cold.

Contact Us today to learn more about smart office interiors that can make a memorable first impression.

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